This state just changed its election process and conservatives are furious

The American electoral system is meant to be based on “one man, one vote,” but thanks to left-wing activists in this state that is no longer the case.

Leftists are always looking to game the rules to protect their own. 

And this change will make it very likely a Trump-hating RINO will get re-elected in a very conservative state.

Alaska is the latest state to adopt “rank-choice” voting scheme

“Republican” (RINO) U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski has long been met with the ire of conservatives not only in her home state of Alaska, but of conservatives nationwide.

Her habitual abandonment of Republican principles – especially on guns and life – as well as her repeated votes for a more intrusive and powerful federal government, puts her at odds with her fiercely independent and often libertarian constituents.

You’d think with such a liberal voting record she couldn’t possibly be re-elected in a red state like Alaska.

Yet she’s been repeatedly re-elected, even after being defeated in the Republican Primary back in 2010 against staunch conservative Joe Miller after she mounted a successful write-in campaign to win another term in the November general election.

Fast forward to 2022, her approval numbers are tanking amongst Republicans and she continues to vote like a Democrat and even openly attacks former President Donald Trump.

Surely Murkowski has no chance to be re-elected, right? 

Sadly, it’s far from a slam dunk, thanks to Alaska adopting a patently unconstitutional voting process known as “rank-choice” voting in 2020.

Leftists get to vote twice

Without getting too much into the weeds of the convoluted “rank-choice” voting system, it essentially allows some voters to have more than one vote per election cycle over others.

For example, in Alaska if you happen to be voting for the Trump-endorsed Republican candidate Kelly Tshibaka, she is likely to win top vote, but unlikely to get more than 50 percent of the total vote on the first ballot.

This means you get one vote, and only one.

Meanwhile, a leftist voting in the same election (where there are now four candidates) who votes for the Democrat (who is likely to end up below both Murkowski and Tshibaka), is likely to rank Murkowski number two on their ballot, meaning that they just got to cast a brand new vote for another far-left politician, all but assuring her re-election with her receiving the RINO and Democrat vote combined.

Sounds confusing and outright insane? 

It is.

“Rank-choice” advocates like to bill their scheme as an “instant runoff” saving taxpayers money by sparing the second round of voting, but all it really does is cause confusion and allow leftists in conservative states to have an outsized influence in elections.

Worst of all, it’s an incumbent protection scheme designed to keep RINOs like Lisa Murkowski in office.

Project Veritas exposed Murkowski’s secret support of “rank-choice”

On August 10, Project Veritas released footage of “rank-choice” supporters making it clear that they had protecting Murkowski in mind with the proposal.

Footage was also released of key Murkowski campaign staffers clearly indicating their support and even working for the campaign to pass “rank-choice” voting.

The “rank-choice” scheme was very controversial in the 2020 election cycle, having only passed by less than 5,000 votes.

Conservatives must now channel their anger and double down exposing Lisa Murkowski’s leftist voting records to ensure that she never returns to Washington, D.C. again.

While the system may be rigged in her favor, there is still a path to victory for Tshibaka if she can make it clear that Murkowski has not only betrayed Republican and conservative principles, but also done great harm to Alaska families with her votes for crippling debt and a more intrusive federal government.

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