This state Democrat Party just issued an official statement fully confessing to their violent desire to literally destroy Republican voters

Photo by Vladimir Shipitsin from Pexels

It’s crystal clear that working class Americans are Democrats’ top enemy.

But if you need more evidence they just point blank admitted your biggest fears. 

And this state Democrat Party just issued an official statement fully confessing to their violent desire to literally destroy Republican voters.

A [banana] republic, if you can keep it

Politics used to be civil in this nation. 

Back in the days where the difference between a Republican and Democrat was just the tax rate, both sides used to actually be civil and polite to each other. 

And back then, everyone was generally proud to be an American.

But over the years, Democrats have gone all-in on a woke extremist agenda they can only implement by force, and therefore, have begun to embrace outright authoritarianism, like the censorship of anyone who dares speak out against their agenda.

And anyone who gets in the way or questions Democrats’ agenda are immediately labeled an enemy, and smeared as a “racist,” “domestic terrorist,” “fascist,” and the like.

As a result conservatives have been attacked, and even killed, for their political beliefs. 

Who can forget the teenage Trump supporter who was run over and murdered in the state of North Dakota by a Biden supporter who specifically said he ran the teenager over because he thought the kid was one of those “Republican domestic terrorists” the President and Democrats warned him about.

But the past few election cycles, working class Americans have been fighting back against Democrat extremism with as much veracity as has been targeted at them. 

As a result, the ruling class elites have gone all-in on authoritarianism – just look at what they’ve done to former President Donald Trump.

And now, Democrats are openly talking about their next targets – anyone who dared support the former President as well.

Will they burn your house down?

In a warning sign of what Democrats could have up their sleeve for working class Americans who continue to reject their woke extremist agenda, the Missouri Democrat Party let everyone know exactly what they want to do to anyone who disagrees with them.

In a tweet captioned, “What would you do if this was your next-door neighbor?” a picture was shared of a house covered in Trump and American flags. 

The Missouri Democrat Party’s official Twitter account replied back to the picture, writing, “The roof, the roof, is on [fire emoji] we don’t need no water, let the ‘insert your word’ burn!”

The Tweet has since been deleted, but the Internet never forgets, and Democrats’ message has been received crystal clear. 

Democrats have no interest in returning to civility, engaging in respectful dialogues, or even “protecting democracy,” as they’ve claimed to be concerned with.

Quite frankly, they don’t even have any interest in breathing the same air as anyone who has the audacity to not bend the knee to their demands.

And with Democrats now publicly admitting their violent intentions, things are only going to get worse before they ever get better.

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