This socialist Senator just went off the rails about the Supreme Court confirmation process in a hypocritical rant

The votes are in, and Kentaji Brown Jackson has been confirmed by the Senate to the Supreme Court.

While the radical left is celebrating, freedom-loving Americans are rightly concerned about the danger this underqualified radical justice poses to our nation.

But to add insult to injury, this socialist Senator had the nerve to make this hypocritical statement on national television that will make your blood boil.

During Donald Trump’s four years in office, three highly qualified, and highly acclaimed justices were added to the Supreme Court.

However, the radical Left made that historically nonpartisan process extremely painful for everyone involved.

Who can forget the unfounded slander they smeared (and continue to smear) Brett Kavanaugh with.

What Justice Kavanaugh went through, and the obviously false claims of sexual assault from decades ago were a disgrace to the process, to Congress, and our nation.

Nobody should ever have to endure what Brett Kavanaugh and his family went through a few years ago.

And Amy Coney Barrett also faced equally vicious attacks from the Left for her reasonable stance on abortion, among other issues.

The truth is, the radical Left turned the Supreme Court confirmation process into a political circus.

A confirmation hearing is supposed to gauge a potential Justice’s stance on hot-button issues so that Senators can get a good idea about how they will rule if elevated to the High Court.

And out of respect for the process, and our nation, that is exactly what Senators on both sides did.

No personal attacks were made, just honest and legitimate questions about where Kentaji Brown Jackson stands on pressing issues like “gender identity” and her disturbingly light sentences for pedophiles who came before her on lower courts.

However, this was enough to infuriate the far-left.

One socialist Senator, in particular, Cory Booker of New Jersey went on a completely unhinged rant on national television to voice his concerns about how Kentaji Jackson Brown was treated during her confirmation hearing.

Booker was asked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “How much more difficult was this process for Ketanji Brown Jackson as a black woman, especially during those totally and incredibly partisan times?”

Booker responded, “There is a lot of hurt in America and a lot of private people who were qualified who are competent and who were disrespected, disregarded or just plain dissed frankly. I think people feel an aching sadness for having those experiences so often.”

First and foremost, thank goodness these comments were made on CNN, because at least nobody will be tuning in to hear them given CNN’s pathetically low ratings.

But these comments demonstrate the radical Left’s oldest trick in the book.

The race card.

When they are not treated like the royalty they think they are, it must be because of racism.

Fortunately, most Americans see right through this nonsense.

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