This shocking viral airport video has American travelers thinking twice about their vacation plans

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It seems like people just do not know how to act correctly in public anymore. 

Instead of turning the other cheek to minor inconveniences many have resorted to fist fighting and screaming to resolve their problems. 

But this shocking viral airport video has American travelers thinking twice about their vacation plans.

Chaos ensues at the World’s busiest airport

As it stands, the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the busiest airport in the world, with massive amounts of travelers passing through on a daily basis. 

And on Saturday, January 13, travelers in the Atlanta airport were horrified after a brawl broke loose at the Harvest & Grounds coffee shop inside Concourse D. 

According to Atlanta’s Fox 5, “One employee, who police identified as Shacoria Elly, became so angry that two of the store’s managers had to hold her back to stop her from attacking the other employee.” 

“At one point, Elly grabs a chair and tries to throw it before one of the managers pulls it out of her hands,” the report added. “She then walks back, jumps over the counter, grabs one of the store’s pans, and swings it.” 

A bystander took a video of the incident, which has since gone viral, and corroborated the police report given.

Shortly after the viral altercation, officials confirmed that the suspect, Shacoria Elly, lost her job due to her actions last Saturday.

According to Fox 5, Elly managed to flee the scene before law enforcement could arrive, and charges are not expected to be filed against her at this time.

This vicious assault joins the long list of other airport attacks, which have occurred in recent years, adding to the growing trend of violence at America’s airports. 

“So far this year, the Federal Aviation Administration has recorded 1,670 reports of unruly passengers,” Forbes claimed in an October report. “While this is far below the 2021 spike of 5,793 reports, it is still significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels. The FAA recorded 1,161 unruly passenger incidents in 2019, 889 in 2018, and 544 in 2017. Overall, the trend is on the rise.”

Experts have attributed a general increase in violent crime, increased alcoholism, and the prolonged effects of isolation following COVID, and other reasons for the spike in violence at America’s airports. 

Nearly every aspect of life in America has become inundated with violent crime

Ever since the race riots of 2020, crime has spiked in nearly every community across the nation. 

Many people, especially young people, are using violence to try to resolve their problems, which inevitably creates more problems for them down the line. 

Many experts agree that parents are failing to raise their children properly, resulting in chaos and depravity all across the nation.

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