This secret Communist Chinese bio-lab found in the heart of California should strike fear in the hearts of every American

Photo by Aboodi Vesakaran from Pexels

There have been horror films made about off-the-grid bio-labs.

Now they’ve become real life.

And this secret Communist Chinese bio-lab found in the heart of California should strike fear in the hearts of every American.

Labs are the new the new military testing grounds

As science advances so does human’s capability to provide both good and bad outcomes for mankind.

Just look at nuclear fusion.

When humans created nuclear fusion, both the nuclear bomb and the nuclear reactor were created at the same time.

Some used nuclear fusion as a weapon, which could kill more people at one time than ever imagined before, while others used the technology to create enough energy to supply a city that no one thought was possible.

And the same goes for biopharmaceuticals.

Humans have been able to create medicine to eradicate diseases and infections that have plagued human civilization for thousands of years.

But at the same time, pharmaceutical companies are working directly with governments to create biological weapons that could kill millions more than nuclear bombs with far less effort.

And one pharmaceutical lab that was being rung by one of the United State’s biggest foreign adversaries was just found in an abandoned warehouse in California.

Reports have been coming out of Fresno, California that officials found a scene straight out of a horror film.

China’s lab of horror in California

A biopharmaceutical company with ties to the Chinese Communist Party was found operating a lab in an abandoned warehouse just outside of Fresno.

“They never had a business license,” Fresno’s city manager claimed. “The city was completely unaware that they were in this building, operating under the cover of night.”

When the lab was busted by local authorities, hundreds of bioengineered mice along with blood samples and stashes of human flesh were discovered.

As court documents state, the lab had, “blood, tissue and other bodily fluid samples and serums; and thousands of vials of unlabeled fluids and suspected biological material.”

And upon further investigation, numerous unknown substances were also reportedly found in freezers.

The Biden Food and Drug Administration was called in to help with the investigation, and concluded that the unknown substances were dozens of infectious diseases.

According to FDA officials, “some viruses, such as HIV, COVID, chlamydia, rubella, malaria,” and others, were found.

To make matters worse, the company that was said to be a front for the lab doesn’t “exist” in either Communist China or the United States.

Court documents claim that the addresses provided in filings were nothing but “empty offices or addresses in China that could not be verified.”

These are certainly scary times.

The United States has an open and aggressive enemy in Communist China, who is operating within the United States on a daily basis.

Earlier this year, it was discovered that the Chinese Communist Party was operating a police force in various U.S. cities.

Not to mention all the farmland China is buying in Middle America, and especially around military bases.

Now, Communist China has an unauthorized lab in the United States with various deadly viruses just sitting around.

Sooner or later, the problem known as Communist China will need to be dealt with.

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