This secret audio tape is about to change Kari Lake’s life forever

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Kari Lake is running for Senate in Arizona.

Republicans hope to flip this Democrat-controlled seat to win back the Senate majority.

But now this secret audio tape is about to change Kari Lake’s life forever.

The ruling class elites in the Republican establishment always work harder to defeat conservatives than they’ve ever worked to defeat any Democrat.

That’s the case out in Arizona where Trump-endorsed former Arizona Gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is now running for the U.S. Senate, and is currently the frontrunner for the GOP nomination.

But Republican Party elites wanted nothing to do with Lake, and allegedly went to potentially illegal lengths to keep her out of the race.

After the media mocked her for claiming some attempted to bribe her to drop out of the state’s 2020 Gubernatorial race – which she lost in controversial fashion – a bombshell audio clip has surfaced in which Arizona Republican Party Chairman Jeff DeWit seems to offer Lake a bribe to end her Senate campaign.

“There are very powerful people who want to keep you out,” a voice that is believed to be DeWitt is heard telling Lake on the recording.

The voice then asked Lake for her “number” saying, “Just say, is there a number at which…” before Lake responds “I can be bought? That’s what it’s about.”

“You can take a pause for a couple of years,” DeWit allegedly adds. “You can go right back to what you’re doing.”

To her credit, Lake flatly rejected the offer, telling the assumed GOP Chairman that there was no number she would take to go away because her number one priority is on saving the country from the Democrat Party’s radical agenda.

“This is not about money,” Lake declared on the recording. “It’s about our country.”

The night of the New Hampshire Primary, Lake said her only comment on the matter was that the audio was real and that someone in the GOP tried to bribe her to stay out of the race.

For decades, RINOs like former Senators John McCain (RINO-AZ) and Jeff Flake (RINO-AZ), and former RINO Governor Doug Ducy, controlled the Arizona Republican Party.

Polls show Lake running a close race against socialist Congressman Ruben Gallego and Democrat-turned-independent Senator Krysten Sinema.

A Kari Lake victory in the Arizona U.S. Senate race would not only take power of the Arizona GOP from the ruling class elites, but also crush the establishment lie that conservatives can’t win statewide elections.

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