This researcher is sounding the alarm on what he says is the lone hope at keeping Christianity from becoming “invisible”

John Phelan, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Christianity in America is in the middle of a spiritual identity crisis unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Some churches have gone woke while those that reject modern life are being persecuted in big ways.

And now this researcher is sounding the alarm on what he says is the lone hope at keeping Christianity from becoming “invisible.”

Christian researcher warns that the faith is becoming “invisible” in America

George Barna has spent his life studying the Christian church and the Biblical worldview. 

As the founder of Barna Group, his life’s work culminated in changing the way many religious nonprofits function and the impact that they can have on our modern-day society.

Now, Barna is sounding the alarm over a disturbing decline in the biblical worldview, and it is having profound impact on the church. 

“People have become more selfish, churches have become less influential, pastors have become less Bible-centric,” he says.

According to this leading expert, there is little time remaining for the church before “Christian invisibility in our culture” becomes a permanent fixture. 

Barna explained the problems and the one solution that could turn the church around in an interview with The Christian Post. 

“Poor leadership” has given moral authority to the media

Barna says that the most notable issue that’s plaguing Christianity is a lack of strong leadership in churches across our nation. 

This has been brought on by poor leadership in the seminaries that raise up the next generations of pastors.

“There is poor leadership in seminaries that mislead local churches into thinking that they’re actually training individuals whom God has called to be leaders,” he says. 

These seminaries effectively certify the pastors in the eyes of many churches, allowing churches to feel confident that they will be able to lead.

A secondary issue can be seen in Christian homes. 

“Families have invested less of their time and energy in spiritual growth” which in turn cedes moral authority to other cultural institutions. 

This has led to an outsized influence of the media on the body of the church.

“The media now influences the Church more than the Church influences the media, or the culture for that matter,” Barna says.

But the researcher says that the answer is simple, and we need only look to Jesus to understand.

Restoration of the Christian faith “starts with families”

Barna says that the answer to the church’s woes is to focus on upcoming generations and get back to a biblical foundation. 

“Jesus didn’t come to build institutions, He came to build people,” he said. 

Jesus laid out the perfect model for discipleship and that is the direction Christianity needs to go.

“He devoted the ministry portion of His life to investing in individuals. And that’s what each of us who are followers of Christ need to be doing,” he explained.

Barna doesn’t believe that the answer lies in institutions—he says that families hold the key.

“We need to go back and recognize it starts with families; parents have the primary responsibility to raise their children to become spiritual champions. . .” he says. 

Churches simply need to “support parents in that endeavor.”

“Our primary focus needs to be on children. . .[and] if we do that, we’ll be able to grow the 3 percent of adults who are disciples in America today to a larger proportion,” Barna concludes.

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