This Republican Senator just dropped a truth bomb on the last government agency you’d ever expect

Over the last two decades, the federal government has ballooned in size. 

This is true for nearly every single government agency, making the federal government bigger and more powerful than at any point in American history. 

And this Republican Senator just dropped a truth bomb on the last government agency you’d ever expect.

The size of the federal government has gotten completely out of control

As a result of Bush and Obama-era policies that expanded the size and scope of the federal government, most federal agencies have become bloated beyond belief. 

One agency that has gotten particularly bloated is the Department of Defense, which is now completely out-of-control under Joe Biden with their flippant spending and woke agenda. 

The Department of Defense has gotten so bad that even neoconservative, warmongering politicians are taking note. 

One such politician is Tom Cotton of Arkansas who eviscerated the Department of Defense recently. 

On Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle,” Senator Tom Cotton reacted to the Department of Defenses’ failed audit, in which they could not account for 61% of its assets. 

More specifically, Senator Cotton said “I mean, right now, you have almost as many civilians in the Department of Defense as you have troops.”  

He then went on to say, “We also need to make sure the focus is where it should be, which is making sure that our troops have the best equipment and training to defend our nation, not that our drill sergeants are using the right pronouns. So, there’s a lot of room for oversight in the new Congress of the Department of Defense.” 

Tom Cotton is exactly right on this one. 

What is happening in the Department of Defense is disgraceful, and they are doing very little to boost America’s military and make America a safer nation. 

The woke games that the military has been playing in recent years are not only costing taxpayers billions, but are also compromising the safety of the United States. 

Hopefully those words from Tom Cotton were not just empty threats. 

Major changes need to happen to the Department of Defense immediately

The truth is, the time for change at the Department of Defense is way past due. 

American taxpayers are dumping billions upon billions of tax dollars into this agency with the promise that it will be invested in infrastructure to improve the safety of the United States. 

Instead, soldiers are now being trained to learn pronouns and Marxists theories like Critical Race Theory instead of being trained to kill.

America’s enemies are laughing at the United States for this insanity.  

Believe it or not, Iran, North Korea, and China are not teaching their soldiers the basics of transgenderism. 

Without a doubt, these lessons and efforts by the Left to turn the military “woke” is a deliberate effort to purge conservatives from the military. 

There is no other explanation as to why Democrats would want to pedal this garbage on soldiers. 

Woke ideology and an effective military do not mix, and it is time to hold those accountable who are responsible for these radical changes. 

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