This Republican Congressman just had a taste of New York’s crime problem first-hand

Crime is out of control, and cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City are definitely feeling the pain.

One Republican Congressman just experienced first-hand what it’s like to live in an area where crime is on the rise.

A recent incident involving the Congressman and his family is just more proof that violent criminals are taking over Democrat-run cities, and it’s starting to spread.

A crime that hit too close to home

Lee Zeldin is a Republican Representative in New York, and he’s currently running for Governor.

This past Sunday night, a shooting occurred just outside his home in Long Island.

What’s especially terrifying is that the crime took place when he wasn’t home, but his two 16-year-old daughters were inside doing their homework.

They heard several shots followed by screaming and locked themselves in an upstairs bathroom before dialing 911.

In an interview with Fox News, Zeldin said that the crime problem in his state just “hit extremely close to home.”

There’s little doubt that Zeldin meant this both literally and figuratively, as the bullets struck a mere 30 feet from his front door.

After the shots were fired, two people were hit and wounded only a few feet from where Zeldin’s daughters were doing their homework just moments before.

When Zeldin and his wife returned home, they were greeted with crime scene tape and were told to tread carefully so as not to step on blood.

And while this level of violent crime is typical in the inner city, it used to be an uncommon occurrence in Zeldin’s Long Island neighborhood.

Even more crime took place that very same day when someone got stabbed on an NYC subway and another victim was slashed in the East Village area of the city.

Officials have been sounding the alarm for months

Sadly, the incident in front of Lee Zeldin’s home isn’t unique to New York, nor is it unique to many parts of the country.

Back in July, Paul DiGiacomo, a 40-year veteran of the NYPD, said that crime was out-of-control in New York City and that he no longer felt safe walking the streets.

He mentioned that he had never seen crime as bad as it is right now, noting that violent criminals are emboldened since there’s no more fear of any repercussions for their actions.

This type of mentality can be seen all over the country in cities where Democrat Mayors have taken over.

The skyrocketing crime all over the nation is a direct result of these far-left politicians and their insane pro-crime policies.

While Zeldin and his family were lucky not to become a victim of the shooting, it could have easily been a much more tragic situation.

Hopefully, Lee Zeldin and others like him running for Governor, Mayor, and other positions will be elected so that the residents of these cities can start getting back to living a safe, peaceful life. 

As long as radical, far-left Democrats are running America’s cities, it’s very likely that this wave of violent crime will only continue. 

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