This red state is launching a critical new policy to help families suffering from Bidenflation

With each passing day it gets more difficult to keep track of all of President Joe Biden’s failings on the job.

But perhaps the chief concern among voters is how President Biden is making it virtually impossible for them to make ends meet.

But now this Red State is making an effort to help ease the pain its residents feel from Bidenflation.

Lawmakers in the Republican-controlled Tennessee legislature are ready to institute a grocery tax holiday.

The aim of the measure is to aid struggling families who can’t afford surging food prices during the crippling Bidenflation crisis.

The 12-month rolling average for inflation reached 8.5% last month – that’s the highest record inflation number since the early days of 1981.

Meanwhile, continued problems with President Joe Biden and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg’s supply chain crisis are leaving some store shelves empty.

The food shortages – which economic experts only expect to get worse, will make it even more expensive than it already is to put food on the table.

With that in mind, Tennessee’s Republican Governor, Bill Lee, has proposed freezing the state’s tax on grocery items.

That would be a 4% reduction for consumers, somewhat easing the squeeze of Bidenflation.

The freeze would be scheduled to originally last for a month – extensions could be considered once the timeline expires.

With the GOP in the Volunteer State controlling a majority of 73-25 in the State House and 27-6 in the State Senate, the grocery tax holiday is expected to pass.

Of course, at that point, Governor Lee would certainly sign his own proposal into law.

Meanwhile, according to Newsy, lawmakers in Pennsylvania are considering a property tax subsidy to mitigate the sting of President Biden’s inflation crisis.

And in Minnesota, New Mexico, and Kansas, proposals are being floated to send residents checks to partially cover their inflation losses.

A recent Rasmussen Report survey found 64% of Americans believe President Biden’s economic policies are to blame for skyrocketing inflation – that’s despite the Biden Administration’s constant insistence the blame should fall on Russian Premier Vladmir Putin.

Of course, Biden and his Press Secretary, Jen Psaki’s argument doesn’t hold water, and the rapid rise in inflation predates Russia’s invasion of Ukraine by more than 10-months.

As Bidenflation continues to climb throughout the year, it will be interesting to see what other creative measures red states propose to fix the problem President Biden has created.

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