This recent court ruling on public school transparency should terrify every parent in America

Government schools have been completely overrun by radical left-wing “educators” who believe they know better than parents how to best raise their children.

While concerned parents have fought back in force in recent years the radical Left’s indoctrination is still spreading like a wildfire across the nation.

And now this recent court ruling on public school transparency should terrify every parent in America.

The Left continues making up the rules as they go

Back in March, the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit against the Rochester Community Schools district on behalf of Carol Beth Litkouhi, a mother whose children are enrolled in the district.

Litkouhi had requested that the school district provide her with course materials for their “History of Ethnic and Gender Studies” course but was repeatedly denied.

That led her to file her lawsuit against Rochester Community Schools, arguing that by denying her copies of the materials being taught in government schools they were violating the law, namely the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

“Schools must make curricula available to parents under Michigan law,” Mackinac Center’s director of open government transparency Steve Delie said. “Despite this, Rochester schools has repeatedly failed to fulfill this legal obligation. It shouldn’t take months of back and forth, hundreds of dollars, and a lawsuit just to see what is being taught in your community.”

Apparently, though, a Michigan court doesn’t believe that parents have a right to know what their children are being taught, and experts believe that could have devastating consequences for educational freedom nationwide.

Radical left-wing Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Jacob James Cunningham ruled that government school teachers are somehow exempt from providing government school-related documents as per FOIA laws because they aren’t “public bodies,” and therefore, the documents are not “public record.”

Just take a moment and let that load of garbage sink in.

But while it’s obviously absurd to suggest that government school teachers are somehow exempt from FOIA laws – the very laws designed to ensure transparency from our government employees, including  public school teachers,  this ruling  could have dire consequences for educational freedom, if it’s not overturned quickly.

The end of government school transparency?

According to a report from The Daily Caller, many experts are sounding the alarm over the major red flags and transparency concerns the decision presents.

As Save Our States founder Trent England pointed out, in making his decision, all Judge Cunningham was doing is the dirty work of radical left-wing educators who were exposed during COVID-era virtual learning and are desperate to get parents out of the classroom again so they can continue their indoctrination efforts.

“Virtual learning during Covid brought unprecedented transparency to public schools, revealing the radical political agenda being pushed in some classrooms,” England said. “That led to outrage and a demand for school choice, so it’s no surprise school administrators are fighting to get back into the shadows. But it’s disappointing that a judge would do their dirty work.”

England went on to explain that the ruling is “an insult to parents,” and that government schools “have to something to hide” when they do not hold employees to “open government laws.”

The Mackinac Center’s director of public relations, Holly Wetzel, also pointed out to The Daily Caller that the standard now set by Judge Cunningham’s ruling should be “extremely concerning” to anyone who cares about government transparency.

According to Wetzel, that standard could now be used by other Judges and be applied to other government employees, severely restricting taxpayers’ ability to hold the government accountable.

“The standard could go further than impacting transparency in the classroom and could potentially exclude local government officials, university faculty or other state employees from being subject to the Freedom of Information Act,” she said. “This would severely restrict taxpayer’s ability to keep government transparent and hold it accountable.”

Radical left-wing “educators” are trying to get parents out of the classroom so they can go back into the shadows and ramp up their indoctrination efforts.

And now, Judges are doing their dirty work by attempting to set judicial precedents that will severely weaken government schools’ transparency.

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