This radical socialist Governor is preparing for another lockdown

After almost two years of pointless and costly lockdowns, America is finally putting COVID in the rear view.

But just as soon as lockdowns were lifted, the Left began looking for any excuse to reimplement them.

In fact, this radical socialist Governor is already preparing for another lockdown.

Without a reasonable doubt, the brutal COVID lockdowns did irreparable harm to society.

Children were kept out of school, weddings and funerals were canceled, businesses were shuttered, and people were stricken with crippling fear.

These lockdowns were largely perpetuated by the radical Left, who seized at the opportunity to hurt President Trump, and closing churches and businesses were just the cherry on top. 

Fortunately, these lockdowns are mostly a thing of the past.

But don’t celebrate just quite yet, because California is already planning its next lockdown.

Except, this lockdown is for a new disease, monkeypox.

Monkeypox is in many ways very similar to the AIDs outbreak. 

It is a virus spreading by sex between gay men, and mostly effects gay men as a result. 

This disease has spread more than expected, and it was just announced by California’s socialist Governor that California would declare a state of emergency over the outbreak.

This state of emergency is ridiculous and alarming for a number of reasons.

The first reason is that state officials in states like California and New York are terrified of actually saying who is spreading this disease – i.e., gay men. 

They claim that it could cause stigma, however, a stigma around frivolous and perverted sex is exactly what is needed.

A prime example of what can happen if governments are afraid to call a spade a spade can be seen in the case of Sebastian Kohn.

Kohn is a top official for “charities” funded by socialist mega donor, George Soros. 

After admitting to sleeping around after the NYC pride event, Kohn came down with gonorrhea and eventually monkeypox.

But instead of taking any responsibility for his disgusting behavior, Kohn immediately blamed NYC by claiming “This whole thing just feels like a huge failure that should not have been allowed to happen”.

Perhaps if he had an ounce of dignity and self control, he could have avoided this. 

However this is typical of socialist lowlifes like him. 

Even more concerning, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky has openly admitted that at least two children have contracted monkeypox.

How could children possible contract a virus that is sexually transmitted? 

There is only one way that it could have happened, and that truth is equally horrifying and disgusting.

What Gavin Newsome needs to realize is that the real emergency here are children apparently being molested and being given sexually transmitted diseases.

But don’t expect these left-wing politicians to say a peep about these eye-raising cases. 

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