This radical move in California should be seen as a warning for millions of Americans

The state of California is the testing grounds for radical socialist policies.

The laws passed by the radical California legislature often lead to similar legislation in other states.

That’s why this radical move in California should be a warning to all Americans.

It is no secret that California is the most, or at least one of the most, Leftist states in the nation.

The policies of the Golden State are so bad, that tens of thousands of people have fled the state.

San Diego County announces plan to tax people on miles driven

Unfazed by the massive loss in population, and in businesses, California politicians are pushing even more radical policies.

San Diego County has just released a new transportation plan that will have major implications for its residents. 

The county’s Regional Transportation Agency (SANDAG) revealed the plan that would see new sales taxes, more toll lanes, and a tax based on miles driven.

According to SANDAG, the new plan will help them pay for a $165 billion public transportation program despite not including promised road improvements. 

That’s because the plan was never about fixing roads.

Their plan states that “charging fees for the transportation infrastructure that people use—for example, charging users for each mile they drive on the highway—can change behavior.” 

It was about changing the behavior of the people and coercing them into driving private vehicles less.

The plan would see 97% of people paying to support the ultra-minority

The reasoning becomes even more clear when you look at the destination of funds in their plan. 

Though they had previously promised to use the money to improve roads—they now admit they will actually be spending it on public transportation. 

They know that only 3% of people use public transportation and that is exactly what they are trying to change. 

SANDAG has been a vocal proponent of so-called “social equity,” but their actions tell a different story. 

The plan to tax people per mile driven will disproportionately affect those in lower-income brackets. 

And this will in turn cost them more or force them to change the way they live their lives.

This is a socialist shell game and the San Diego government hopes the people of San Diego aren’t paying attention.

Mileage taxes are just another social credit system

Using taxes to change the way people behave is social engineering and it shouldn’t be accepted in a free nation. 

It puts Americans under another form of a social credit system that rewards people for doing what the government wants. 

Trying to change the behavior of individuals is a herculean task and frankly isn’t a wise move by any government—big or small. 

Instead, policy makers should focus on actions that force innovation and bring about technological evolution. 

If private industries want to make more money, they will focus on where the demand is. 

If they are trying to make transport more environmentally friendly, then they should focus on making private transportation faster, more efficient, and cleaner. 

California is often a testing ground of radical social policies and often times their proposals spread to other states.

If politicians in California want their citizens to pay a tax based on their mileage every day, then Americans should be on the ready for those policies to come to their localities too.

They don’t want to make the world better. They want to control you.

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