This radical left-wing feminist group just proved that Hillary Clinton’s influence is finally fading

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Even though she is a highly polarizing figure Hillary Clinton did have her share of supporters.

But two Presidential campaign losses and a nasty habit of blaming everyone else for her failures has a tendency to repel supporters.

Now this radical left-wing feminist group just proved that Hillary Clinton’s influence is finally fading.

Back in 2016, a feminist voting group urged Hillary Clinton supporters to storm the polls in pantsuits.

The group once numbered 4 million strong, but it announced it is disbanding in a move that blindsided supporters.

The movement was born on Facebook in support of the first female Democrat Presidential nominee, and has announced its impending end.

“I stepped away from my day-to-day involvement in this community last year, but I have stayed here reading your stories, appreciating what you have built and maintained against all odds,” founder Libby Chamberlain said in the announcement. “Earlier today, the organization that now manages the group announced that Pantsuit Nation will be shut down within the next two days.”

Moderator Itale Watie was stunned at the announcement, saying, “I do not have the details as of why.”

“As all of us moderators logged on and found out today that we were being let go…. tomorrow,” she added. “None of us could ever imagine our exit like this, when we worked so hard to build a platform of truth and transparency. I know y’all want answers but as it is, none of us have them and we are doing our best to receive answers from the powers that be.”

The audience was not happy.

“This community has been pivotal in amplifying voices that I would have never heard elsewhere,” one member wrote. “To hear that Supermajority is shuttering the group not only isn’t in keeping with the principles they espouse but is yet another occasion when marginalized voices are once again silenced.”

“They drop Pantsuit Nation, I drop Supermajority,” another Facebook user said. “I joined PN community very early on and it saved my sanity after Trump was elected. I am not interested in Supermajority, which has always struck me as more of a lobbying group than a community.”

What this news suggests is that Hillary Clinton’s relevance in American politics continues to dwindle.

In 2021, the Clinton Foundation saw a 75% drop in donations. 

Former President Bill Clinton fell out of favor with the younger generation of Democrats after years of allegations of sexual misconduct, and a sense that his politics are out of sync with those favoring drastic social change.

Hillary and Bill Clinton have been slowly losing their political power for years.

After losing to President Donald Trump in 2016, Democrats aren’t clamoring for a third Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign in 2024.

A 2028 campaign seems even less likely as the former First Lady would be 80 years old by then.

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