This photo of a handmade sign Joe Biden put above the Oval Office’s door sent Twitter into chaos

Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

Things keep going from bad to worse for Joe Biden.

His constant gaffes, missteps, and outright lies are the stuff of comedy routines.

And now this photo of a handmade sign Joe Biden put above the Oval Office’s door sent Twitter into chaos.


President Joe Biden does or says something almost every day that causes Americans to erupt in laughter, scorn, and even pity.

And President Biden inadvertently embarrassed himself once again when a Twitter promotion backfired recently.

The President recently hosted the cast of the AppleTV+ series Ted Lasso in the Oval Office, and the day before the meeting, Biden – or more likely a regime staffer – thought he had a great idea.

Biden’s Twitter account posted a photo of a sign hanging over the entrance to the Oval Office that simply read, “Believe,” along with a caption that simply read, “Tomorrow.”

This was intended to help promote the next day’s meeting with the cast of Ted Lasso, who were meeting with President Biden to discuss the importance of mental health.

According to the pop culture site The Mary Sue, the “Believe” message is a reference to a sign that hangs above Coach Lasso’s office to motivate his fictional soccer team in the series.

Biden obviously thought this would be a good way to promote both the event, and also to promote the work of his regime. 

Unfortunately for the President, Twitter users had other ideas, or were simply confused and outraged.

Hunter Biden, Communist Chinese, incompetence, and smoking areas

In fact, the Twitter comments and reposts were both brutal and hilarious.

Many who responded to President Biden’s confusing Tweet were quick to post parodies of the picture showing they do not “believe” in the competence of the Biden regime.

One Twitter user changed the sign to read “Smoking Area,” and edited in an image of the President’s son, Hunter Biden, smoking pot in the Oval Office.

Another took aim at Biden’s ties to the Communist Chinese government.

And another meme poked fun at the 80-year-old President’s advanced age by changing the sign to read “Quiet Please Senior Asleep.”

There were hundreds of others in the same vein.

Division, demagoguery, and disasters

While Biden continues to try – and fails – to promote his regime as a unifying force that solves problems, it seems the American people don’t agree.

Most see President Biden, his family, and his entire regime as corrupt and incompetent politicians, who are only doing harm to the nation.

And they see Biden as incompetent and clearly in mental and physical decline.

President Biden currently suffers from one of the lowest approval ratings of any President in history due in large part to his divisive comments and actions.

And he has overseen and ignored – not to mention made worse – dozens of disasters, like the recent Ohio train derailment, the Afghanistan debacle, and of course, skyrocketing inflation.

Maybe we are supposed to believe that tomorrow he will change all that.

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