This New York Times reporter left everyone stunned after he shredded Joe Biden’s regime for this major crisis

The so-called “mainstream” media has pushed left-wing propaganda so reliably for years, that Democrats never expect self-proclaimed “journalists” to do anything else but tow the party line.

So there was a collective panic attack among Democrats after a recent White House Press Briefing.

Because this New York Times reporter left everyone stunned after he shredded Joe Biden’s regime for this major crisis.

Worse than Trump?

For some reason, despite the fact that the Biden border crisis has been a complete disaster for two full years now, and illegal immigration has been a major issue for decades, a select few journalists in the so-called “mainstream” media have suddenly just discovered the issue.

After spending literally the first half of President Biden’s term ignoring the issue and claiming Republicans were spreading conspiracy theories about the border, a small number of journalists have begun asking questions of the Biden regime.

In fact, NBC News and other so-called “mainstream” media outlets even reported  the Biden regime ordered Border Patrol and other law enforcement authorities in the area to actually begin enforcing the nation’s immigration laws in El Paso, Texas, ahead of President Biden’s trip to the city to hide the extent of the Biden border crisis.

And considering the fact that the Biden regime has, again, never been asked any of these questions by anyone other than Fox News’ Peter Doocy, they don’t exactly have great answers.

The latest proof of this came during a recent White House Press Briefing featuring the Biden regime’s chief propagandist, Karine Jean-Pierre, and National Security Council spokesman John Kirby.

To the surprise of literally everyone who’s paid even the slightest bit of attention, New York Times reporter Michael Shear cornered Jean-Pierre and Kirby over the regime’s handling of the Biden border crisis.

He even went so far as to argue that humanitarian groups – which are mostly leftist – sounded the alarm more often on Biden’s border crisis in a single day than the same groups did throughout former President Donald Trump’s term in office.

“I spent a long time covering immigration stuff during the Trump years,” Shear began. “I never saw more damning quotes from immigration advocacy groups and human rights groups during the Trump years than — as I saw yesterday towards this administration.”

“A humanitarian disgrace”

From there, the New York Times journalist proceeded to read aloud an email from one humanitarian group’s head, who described the Biden border crisis as a “humanitarian disgrace.”

And as Shear also pointed out, virtually “every humanitarian group” echoed that sentiment.

“That was echoed across the board in literally scores of emails I got from every humanitarian group,” Shear noted. “What do you all — what does the administration say to the overwhelming consensus from people who advocate on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees and migrants that what the president did yesterday was ‘a humanitarian disgrace’?”

That’s when Kirby interjected with the ultimate rebuttal on behalf of the Biden regime that truly sums up the arrogance of the entire ruling class.

“Well, obviously, we take a different view,” Kirby said smugly, before going on to ramble about how the President was looking to strike a balance between actually enforcing the law – which he hasn’t up until this point – just letting any illegal aliens into the country who claim they’re “refugees.”

The Biden regime officials then tried to move on, but Karine Jean-Pierre just couldn’t help herself, choosing to call out Shear, leading him to absolutely shred the regime.

“The advocacy folks and the community of people who are lawyers and advocates and humanitarian experts, what they would say is the president is using the tools, and he’s using them in a harsh and unbalanced way,” Shear said, while explaining that the Biden regime will soon being facing the exact same lawsuits from humanitarian groups the Left used to claim the Trump administration were “Nazis.”

Shear went on to note that after President Biden spent the entire 2020 campaign, and his regime has likewise spent its first two years in office, pushing the idea that they handle immigration completely different than the Trump administration, going down the same path with humanitarian groups puts the image “in a really awkward place” moving forward.

That comparison to the Trump administration, though, sent Karine Jean-Pierre so far over the edge in anger, she couldn’t even form coherent sentences to respond.

“I — I have to say, Michael, I take — look, I understand what you’re saying,” Jean-Pierre bumbled in response. “But I do take — you know – I do take issue with comparing us to Donald Trump.”

The problem is, by the standards Democrats – including then-candidate Joe Biden – judged the Trump regime’s immigration policies, the Biden regime is far worse than the Trump regime.

They’ve created an actual humanitarian crisis at the southern border, with thousands of illegal aliens camping out under bridges, sleeping in dumpsters, and whatever else they have to do to survive in border communities up and down the border.

President Joe Biden and Democrats – starting all the way back with the Obama regime – have been literally bribing illegal aliens to come to America for tons of taxpayer-funded handouts for years.

And now, their open borders agenda, and irrational reaction to the effective Trump immigration agenda, is coming back to bite them.

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