This Never-Trump RINO Congressman just publicly destroyed an American soldier’s life and reputation with one tweet

It’s no secret that Donald Trump broke the brains of every radical left-wing Democrat in America – they prove it everyday.

But outside of Liz Cheney, it’s more rare these days to see a self-described Never-Trump “Republican” show just how broken their brain is.

Now this Never-Trump RINO Congressman just publicly destroyed an American soldier’s life and reputation with one tweet.

“He is a disgrace to this country . . .”

There was a time when the 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump the second time thought themselves proverbial political rock stars.

At least, that’s the perception the corporate-controlled media created for them and presented to America.

Now, there’s almost none of them left standing.

But those who are, for the time being – like the aforementioned Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and the walking definition of a Napoleon Complex Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) – just continue to show the world how broken their brains truly are.

And none may be doing a better job of that than Rep. Kinzinger, who recently chose to destroy the life and career of an American soldier with one tweet.

Earlier this week, Rep. Kinzinger took to Twitter to post a screenshot of a private Facebook group in which a man he claimed was his former Air Force co-pilot in Iraq had ripped Kinzinger for being “partly responsible” for the raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home.

“So we have a member on here who was partly responsible for the former President of the United States residence being stormed by the FBI today,” the individual wrote. “I say f**k that anti American POS [Rep. Kinzinger]. I wish I never met him or flew with him. He is a disgrace to this country and this group.”

Obviously, crass language – but there’s little doubt that at least half the country doesn’t at least somewhat share in the sentiment.

Nevertheless, this type of attack – which a scumbag like Rep. Kinzinger probably hears at least 12 times per day – certainly didn’t warrant the soon-to-be former Congressman’s reaction.

“This guy, [Name Redacted], was my copilot in Iraq and now an airline pilot,” Kinzinger wrote on Twitter. “He has allegiance to Trump over his oath to the Constitution.”

As actual decent humans, the name of the former Air Force pilot Rep. Kinzinger just doxxed has been removed from the quote, but Kinzinger’s intention remains.

Unsurprisingly, though, like the coward he is, Kinzinger deleted the Tweet once the American people started pushing back.

The Internet doesn’t forget, Congressman.

While Rep. Kinzinger may have deleted the Tweet, it doesn’t change the intention.

Rep. Kinzinger sought to destroy this man’s life and career as a commercial airline pilot because the guy said a bad word about him and refused to just accept the claims made by RINOs like Kinzinger and the radical Left as gospel.

As far as a Never-Trump RINO like Rep. Kinzinger is concerned, this man daring to support Donald Trump, liberty, and the rule of law should be punished and his sentence should be the end of life as he knows it.

The radical Left and RINOs want to pretend that they are morally superior to every other American, and those who represent those factions in the halls of Congress, will gladly resort to whatever tactics are necessary to continue to paint hard working, liberty-loving Americans as the enemy.

As much as it is Right vs. Left these days, it’s really not.

It’s the powerful elites vs. hard-working Americans simply yearning to be free.

And it can all end when the American people realize they’re the ones who give these elites power in the first place.

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