This NBC report just exposed how Donald Trump is absolutely embarrassing Joe Biden on the world’s stage

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

When Joe Biden was elected, voters were told that America could now finally be respected on the world’s stage now that Donald Trump was no longer in office.

But the Democrat President has further isolated the United States from the rest of the developed world.

And this NBC report just exposed how Donald Trump is absolutely embarrassing Joe Biden on the world’s stage.

Trump enjoys “unusual” stateside meetings with international leaders

Over the past month, the trials in New York have forced former President Donald Trump to largely suspend campaign activities and remain in NYC.

But that hasn’t stopped Trump from meeting with dignitaries and advancing credibility as an international dealmaker.

According to NBC News, in the past couple months Trump has hosted multiple foreign officials.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán visited him ahead of the trial at Mar-a-Lago.

But Polish President Andrzej Duda and former Japanese Prime Minister Taro Aso came to see him at Trump Tower.

“It’s not unusual for a party nominee to meet with foreign officials — but that’s typically done overseas and with leaders below the level of president or prime minister,” NBC added.

The moves bolster Trump’s global credibility ahead of a contentious election in the fall.

Now, the Biden regime and Democrats are taking notice as they’re starting to feel the heat.

Biden campaign is starting to get nervous

According to a report from NBC, an unnamed source close to Biden revealed that the incumbent is growing frustrated.

The Biden ally said that in one sense “it might be helpful” because Trump needs to hear from those who advocate for Ukraine aid.

But the Biden camp is also worried that Trump might be using the meetings to increase his political clout.

“On the political side, it’s annoying to see it happen because he tries to capitalize,” they said.

Biden has long contended that his Presidency was the re-launch of supposedly “normalized” international relations.

At an international summit in 2021, Biden claimed that “the U.S. is back” now that he’s in charge.

Biden vowed to support the “cohesion of NATO” and the supposedly “ incredibly strong and vibrant entity” European Union.

But ever since, he has become the laughingstock of the international community.

And Trump officials are loving every second of Biden’s failures.

“They believe he can win—will win”

Trump’s team knows that if the former President can continue to lean into global politics ahead of the election, it will only help to put world leaders at ease.

Trump campaign spokesperson, Brian Hughes has been celebrating the Biden regime’s discomfort with Trump’s meetings with foreign leaders.

“Foreign leaders and others are paying attention to this election for a number of reasons,” he says.

The biggest concern about Biden among his foreign counterparts is his “diminished” status on the world stage.

Others close to Trump say it is driving Democrats crazy that while he is being targeted with flimsy prosecution, he enjoys the company of highly influential people.

This is sending a clear message from world leaders to American voters.

“At some level, they believe he can win — will win,” said one Trump aide.

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