This major U.S. city is losing business thanks to high crime rates and homelessness

Democrats think that being lax on crime and allowing rioters to rule the streets is a smart policy.

But major cities across America are starting to see these ridiculous policies backfire as businesses start to pull up stakes.

Now one major U.S. city is losing business thanks to high crime rates and homelessness.

Portland loses major hotels to foreclosure

When the Black Lives Matter movement peaked, Portland, Oregon saw massive riots, vandalism, and an increase in violent crime.

Now, three hotels in Portland are set for foreclosure after they’ve missed their mortgage payments.

Many tourists have chosen to avoid visiting Portland thanks to years of increasing homelessness, riots, and threats to their personal safety due to the rampant crime.

The Portland Hilton and its partner building, the Duniway Hotel, make up the city’s largest hotel.

Both buildings are getting ready to be put up for Auction on September 13 by the bank since each one failed to pay its mortgage payments.

The owners of the building currently owe over $270 million to the bank, which is quite a large sum to leave unpaid by such a well-known corporation.

The Dossier Hotel is the third hotel preparing to be put up for auction on November 29.

That building owes its lender $8.7 million as of May, and the number is likely much higher now.

Another hotel in Portland called the Benson Hotel has complained about losing two huge corporate clients, and it’s all due to the city’s horrible crime rate, homelessness, and blight.

A top executive from the hotel stated in an email that there are “too many homeless and crazy people running around.”

Allowing rampant crime causes cities to lose revenue

Portland is just one example of cities across the nation that have seen the loss of business due to riots and destruction.

After the acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse and the overturning of Roe v. Wade, rioters went crazy destroying parts of Portland including government buildings and small businesses.

The death of George Floyd in 2020 was a hallmark moment for Portland as rioters terrorized police precincts and the federal courthouse for more than three months straight.

When state and local “leaders” allow criminal activity to run amok, it’s no surprise that businesses and residents will flee.

Even disabled residents of Portland are suing the city, stating that Portland has done almost nothing to curb homelessness and keep them from blocking city sidewalks.

A lawyer behind the suit claims that Portland is only doing things that “just move people around” rather than looking for real solutions to the problem.

Chicago is another prime example of a city struggling to keep businesses in popular tourist and commerce areas.

Major corporations like Boeing and Caterpillar have moved from Illinois to safer and tax-friendlier – and safer – states like Texas and Virginia.

As Democrat-run cities continue to implode thanks to their do-nothing attitude towards crime and homelessness, more liberty-minded cities and states should finally start to reap the benefits. 

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