This major tech company is seeing a mass exodus of subscribers after years of woke programming

As it stands, tech stocks are plummeting and that especially includes entertainment and streaming companies. 

Not only has much of their programming become stale and rehashed, but much of the new programming these “woke” companies are producing is nothing more than socialist propaganda. 

But this one major tech company is seeing a mass exodus as a result of years of such “woke” programming. 

The major disconnect between tech companies and average people

If you have flipped through the selection on a streaming service lately, then you have seen just how little decent content there is. 

Much of the streaming libraries that HBO Max, Hulu, and Netflix offer these days are unwatchable socialist crap. 

Every single thing they release has to have some social justice undertones or makes things such as gender, race, or sexual identity way too obvious and central to the story. 

Nobody wants to see that garbage.

Instead, people want to be entertained. 

But after years of woke programming, streaming giant Netflix is starting to backtrack after their stock has plummeted.

Shows such as Anti-Racist baby, and a couple of shows about transgenderism have been canceled due to people not tuning in, and not wanting such vile propaganda popping up on their screen.  

Believe it or not, people do not want to spend their free time being told how much of a racist and sexist they supposedly are. 

The mass Exodus from Netflix and why their executives are panicking

Based on recent figures, it appears that many people have finally had it with the streaming giant Netflix. 

In just the second quarter alone, Netflix reported that they lost a total of 970,000 subscribers. 

This is far more than the 200,000 they lost in the first quarter. 

It goes without saying that these numbers are terrible news for Netflix and Netflix investors. 

Netflix is claiming that this is due to a reduction in content production due to their focus on making higher-quality programs over a vast quantity of programs. 

This may be true in part, but it is not the whole truth. 

It is obvious that people are fed up with the drastic increase in “woke” programming. 

People pay for streaming services to entertain themselves, not be reminded of how horrible they supposedly are. 

This affinity for “wokeness” is also plaguing professional sports, who have seen a sharp decline in viewership following player protests and woke advocacy causes. 

In order to rebound from this mass exodus of subscribers, Netflix needs to focus on creating content that people actually want to watch. 

No amount of advertising will ever convince people to tune into “woke” shows, no matter how hard Netflix tries. 

Although some woke shows have been canceled so far, it seems unlikely that major changes will happen anytime soon. 

After all Netflix is controlled by socialists, so it would not be surprising if Netflix goes under instead of making significant changes to its platform. 

That is just how cultish, wokeness has become these days. 

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