This major donut chain’s ridiculous new promotion will leave you shaking your head in disbelief

Many fast-food chains around the country are struggling thanks to rising food prices.

Some of those chains are offering new promotions to try and get more people in the door to spend their money.

And now this major donut chain’s ridiculous new promotion will leave you shaking your head in disbelief.

Dunkin’ Donuts announces “Wicked Lahhhge” tumbler

Dunkin’ Donuts is debuting a massive new 40-ounce tumbler just in time for Memorial Day weekend.

The “Wicked Lahhhge” tumbler will be available at specific Dunkin’ locations.

According to a company press release, the tumbler was “inspired by the larger-than-life accent heard ‘round our New England stomping grounds.”

The tumbler will be “available exclusively at select Dunkin’ locations nationwide,” the release added.

“Go big or go home with 40 ounces of your favorite iced beverage – pour in a Dunkin’ Iced Coffee to fuel your early morning trips to the farmers market, or a Dunkin’ Refresher to keep you cool while sitting by the pool,” the company said.

The new “Wicked Lahhhge” tumbler is much larger than any other single-serving beverage sold by Dunkin’.

Before the release of the tumbler, the largest cup at Dunkin’ was the 32-ounce “large” for iced drinks or the “extra-large” 24-ounce cup for hot drinks.

The Dunkin’ website says the first Dunkin’ Donuts location opened in Quincy, Massachusetts, a city located just south of Boston.

The new tumbler’s name is a cheeky play on the well-known accent heard around Boston and throughout New England., a website for voice actors, noted, “One of the most recognizable features of the Boston accent is the dropping of the consonant R, especially when it’s not followed by a vowel.”

“This phenomenon, known as R-dropping or non-rhoticity, can be traced back to the early English colonists and has persisted in the region, making the Boston accent stand out among other American accents,” it said.

The term “wicked” is a very well-known slang word in the Boston vernacular, equivalent to the word “very,” according to

However, it’s unclear how the word became popular in the area, according to the site.

This is not Dunkin’s first beverage size promo

Back in March, Dunkin’ held a different temporary promotion centered around the size of one of its beverages.

The company renamed its “small” iced coffee a “Short King,” an Internet term that refers to a man under 5 feet, 8 inches tall.

A description of the menu item on the donut chain’s app read, “Because sometimes you don’t need a large or even a medium, you just need a Short King.”

As for the new tumbler, Dunkin’ Rewards members can get triple points on all large iced beverages through May 26.

The promo has already gone viral on social media, with many Dunkin’ loyalists expressing their excitement about the size and the name. 

The “Wicked Lahhhge” tumbler is priced at $12.99 and gives consumers another reason to stop by their local Dunkin’ Donuts store.

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