This luxury automaker is scrambling for answers after its decision to cancel Jesus Christ went about as well as you’d expect

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Over the past several years we’ve been witnessing the power of the woke left-wing outrage mob in censoring ideas.

They infiltrate big corporations and leverage them to push their ideology and shut everyone else out.

And now this luxury automaker is scrambling for answers after its decision to cancel Jesus Christ went about as well as you’d expect.

Porsche made a huge mistake

Porsche has come under fire after making the devastating move of editing an iconic statue of Jesus Christ out of an ad that was meant to celebrate 60 years of the Porsche 911.

The ad was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal and featured a scene beneath the iconic Ponte 25 de Abril bridge.

However, there was something missing from the scene of the bridge, and it didn’t take long for people on social media to take note.

The automaker edited the video so that it wouldn’t include the famous Cristo Rei statue that overlooks the suspension bridge.

The 92-foot-tall statue of Jesus was completely erased while its 269-foot-tall pedestal still stood strong.

The choice to remove the statue from view was highlighted by one user on the social media platform X, which garnered over 5 million views in just a few days. 

Christians quickly responded in anger online, and said that it was obvious what was happening.

The globalists won’t stop “until Christ is erased from the world”

Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec shared the post with his followers on X, and said that woke corporations know what they are doing.

“They aren’t even hiding it anymore,” Posobiec said. “They won’t stop until Christ is erased from the world.”

One user from Lisbon expressed his outrage at the disrespect that Porsche showed to Portuguese culture.

“As a proud Lisboeta and a Christian, this is disgusting to me,” the X user wrote. “IF you don’t like my country’s culture, don’t f**king film there @Porsche.

“Amazing,” another X user wrote. “Those “global” brands love to appropriate beautiful settings and sceneries, But whenever it’s convenient, they are also very happy to erase the very cultures that nurtured those landscapes and oftentimes created them wholesale through centuries of effort and pride.”

Now, after outrage from Christians online, Porsche has been forced to apologize for the error.

Porsche forced to apologize

The heavy-handed response from Christians on social media forced the luxury automaker to pull the ad that was missing the statue.

Shortly after it was removed, Porsche replaced the video with the original unedited footage to try to stop a potential boycott.

Porsche explained that the advertisement was originally crafted for a European audience, and that they regretted the move of releasing it in other markets.

The company issued a formal apology in a statement to Fox Business.

“In an early version of a film created in Europe, the Cristo Rei Statue does not appear,” Porsche’s statement read. “We are truly sorry and can fully understand the hurt this has caused. The film has been removed.”

The account that shared the advertisement noted that Porsche made the YouTube video “private,” while replacing it with the original footage.

He said that he would “leave it here” on X, and that he didn’t believe that Elon Musk would “cave to censorship on this platform.”

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