This liberal late night host lost it after his audience’s response to one statement

Screenshot via Youtube, HBO

Crime has exploded as a direct result of Democrat-controlled cities passing a number of pro-crime policies. 

Policies like cashless bail, defunding the police, ending traffic stops, and other pro-crime measures have emboldened criminals to keep breaking the law..

And this liberal late night host lost it after his audience’s response to one statement.

Crime is destroying nearly every single American community

Crime is a major problem in Democrat-controlled cities and communities across the country.

Law-abiding Americans are now afraid to leave their homes due to Democrats’ disastrous pro-crimes policies. 

Things are spiraling so far out of control in many Democrat-controlled cities, even many Democrats are calling for change. 

Liberal late-night host Bill Maher is among the liberals who are calling for the streets to be cleaned up. 

On last Friday night’s episode of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host roasted his live audience after they failed to cheer for his claim that Democrats would be better if they admit that “some people do belong in jail.”

More specifically, Maher responded to a Los Angeles Times report that exposed a major crime increase in Portland, Oregon in recent years. 

“Over the last three years, the number of unhoused people in the metro area has jumped from about 4,000 to at least 6,600,” The Los Angeles Times reported. “Shootings in the city have tripled. Homicides climbed from 36 in 2019 to 97 last year — a record. Lower-level crimes have spiked too: More than 11,000 vehicles were stolen in 2022, up from 6,500 in 2019.”

In response to this report, Maher claimed, “Oh, [Democrats] need to get out in front of it. They need — I want a Democrat to stand up and say, ‘you know something? Some people belong in jail.’”

This claim only received minimal claps from those in attendance at the Hollywood studio, which prompted Maher to say, “One clap for that! I think that’s very interesting.”

“Let’s just pause there,” he continued. “One person is like, yes, some people in jail and everybody else is going, no, they don’t, nobody belongs in jail.  I’m going to go out on a limb, some people do belong in jail.”

Although Maher’s comments seem like common sense to anyone with a functioning brain, this a major departure from what even many “mainstream” liberals believe. 

These days, many on the Left believe that gangs and criminals should be allowed to do as they please, and any amount of police is simply a vehicle for racism. 

This is obvious nonsense, but there are millions of Americans who actually believe this insanity. 

Now is the time to clean up America’s streets

Out-of-control crime in Portland – and most every other Democrat-controlled city for that matter – is causing millions of Americans to rethink where they live and work. 

Law-abiding citizens are paralyzed with fear over crime, because it is not safe to commute to work, walk to the gym, or even walk the dog. 

Democrats are completely responsible for this crime increase, and it is time voters actually hold them accountable at the ballot box for the damage they have done to America.

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