This liberal attorney and Harvard Professor revealed why the Biden FBI’s actions are “so scary” for every American

The Biden regime has gone all in on weaponizing the Department of Justice and FBI against Republican voters.

But the lengths they’re willing to go to punish and silence Democrats’ political enemies aren’t just a threat to conservatives.

Now this liberal attorney and Harvard Professor revealed why the Biden FBI’s actions are “so scary” for every American.

They’re not just after “Republican extremists”

Two weeks ago and just over a month after the Biden Department of Justice authorized the FBI’s third world, banana republic raid on former President Donald Trump’s home, the Biden regime also raided MyPillow founder and Trump supporter Mike Lindell.

That unprecedented escalation in Democrats’ war on Republican voters was cheered on by left-wing extremists across the nation, while others who aren’t Republicans simply looked the other way.

But while Democrats and the corporate-controlled media continue to justify the Biden regime’s efforts to imprison and silence any opposition to their authoritarianism, every Americans’ freedoms and rights are being shredded.

And now, liberal attorney and Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz is stepping up to fight this dangerous weaponization of the federal government against American citizens.

Despite being a registered Democrat who voted for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, Dershowitz is now representing Lindell in his fight against the injustices committed by the Biden regime and FBI.

During a recent appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight, Dershowitz revealed why he’s now fighting Democrats’ authoritarianism, and why the Biden FBI’s actions against Lindell are “so scary” for every innocent American.

“First of all, if they had done it to a Democrat, we would have every liberal Democrat, the ACLU, complaining bitterly,” Dershowitz told Tucker Carlson. “First they tracked him down. How would they know he was going to a Hardees’? Obviously they had to have some GPS or some tracking mechanism. We want to know whether they had a warrant for doing that.”

The FBI rushed Lindell while he was waiting in a Hardee’s drive-thru, leading many to wonder how far the Biden regime is going to illegally track their Republican targets without warrants.

But to make matters worse, at the time they surrounded Lindell, the Biden FBI also demanded his cell phone, which they apparently didn’t have a warrant to obtain either.

Shredding the Bill of Rights

As Dershowitz told Carlson, that gave them access to “everything,” including information protected by attorney-client privilege and the First Amendment, as well as information about those Lindell has communicated with, which again, they didn’t have a warrant for, apparently.

“Then if they had a warrant, they stopped him, they should have just asked him for the phone, subpoena the phone,” Dershowitz explained. “They had a subpoena at the same time, but it didn’t include his phone. See, if they had a subpoena, then it could have been challenged, but if they take the phone, then they get everything. They get lawyer client privilege material. They get business material. They get First Amendment protected material. They know who’s working along with Mike Lindell to try to do whatever he’s doing, which I disagree with about undoing the election.”

In the end, though, Dershowitz made clear that he disagrees with what Lindell allegedly did and said after the 2020 Presidential election in an effort to stop the certification of the results.

“I’m not representing Lindell because I agree with him at all,” Dershowitz admitted. “I’m representing Lindell in the same way that I would represent a liberal Democrat. For that I’m being highly criticized by people on the Left.”

But for him, this isn’t about Right or Left — it’s about the Constitution, and helping to ensure the rights and protections that are supposed to be afforded to every American aren’t completely destroyed and rendered meaningless at the hands of left-wing extremists hell-bent on political retribution.

“They say Trump is different — you can’t apply the Constitution to him,” he continued. “They said that when they detained 110,000 Japanese Americans, ‘this is different.’ This is said during McCarthyism, ‘this is different.’ They said it during the Vietnam war, ‘this is different.’ Now they’re saying it with Trump. It’s not different.”

Because as Dershowitz put it, if the Biden regime is allowed to get away with their unconstitutional, anti-American actions, it will establish a precedent that will eventually be used against every innocent American.

“If you deny Constitutional rights to anyone, the precedent lies around like a loaded gun, waiting to be picked up by an autocrat, waiting to be used on you and your family,” the liberal attorney concluded.

The Biden regime has ushered in dark days for America.

And unless the American people put an end to Democrats’ stranglehold on power, it’s only going to get worse.

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