This left-wing radical tried to put Tucker Carlson in jail. Now she’s the one wearing the orange jumpsuit

The left-wing outrage mob has been desperate to get Fox News dropped from television providers since its first broadcast in 1997.

As a result, top stars like Tucker Carlson are often made the targets of vicious left-wing smear campaigns, like when this left-wing radical tried to put him in jail.

But ironically she’s now the one wearing the orange jumpsuit.

The “Liberal Sherpa” lost her way

Around 2018, Cathay Areu became a recurring guest on numerous Fox News shows, like Tucker Carlson Tonight, Hannity, and The O’Reilly Factor.

In fact, she was such a frequent guest of Tucker Carlson’s that he nicknamed her the “Liberal Sherpa,” as he debated her on issues like whether or not parents should get “consent” from their infant children before changing their diapers.

But her time with the network came to an abrupt end after she filed a federal lawsuit against Fox News, Carlson, Sean Hannity, and several other Fox News employees for sexual harrasment and assault.

Areu contended that on December 10, 2018, the night of the Tucker Carlson Tonight Christmas party, Carlson’s production crew kept her in the studio and refused to remove her earpiece so the host could ask her to go to a hotel where he was staying after the party without his family.

The only problems with that turned out to be the fact that December 10 was the night of Fox News’ company-wide Christmas party; Carlson was in Washington, D.C. not New York City that day as well as the following day for The Daily Caller Christmas party; and his wife was reportedly with him the entire time for both.

Areu also alleged that she has asked to bring a friend along for the taping of an appearance she made on Hannity, only to have Hannity have the audacity to offer her and her friend $100 to have dinner and drinks with him after the taping.

According to Areu, this was sexual harrasment on Hannity’s part, even though her own emails revealed that she sent the host a picture the next morning of a drink she’d had at the spot he recommended the night before.

Needless to say, once a judge reviewed Areu’s suit against the Fox News hosts, her allegations were quickly dismissed, and even though the judge actually gave her the chance to re-file the lawsuit, she missed two deadlines to do so, thus leading to the suit being “dismissed, with prejudice.”

But now, it might just be clear what her motivation was for filing the fabricated lawsuit all along – money.

From Sherpa to inmate

On Friday, Cathay Areu was arrested and charged with several felonies, including the kidnapping, elderly exploitation, and organized scheme to defraud her own elderly mother.

According to The Miami Herald, investigators believe Areu has been exploiting her mother since at least 2019, and law enforcement has apparently been trying to arrest her since June, but believe she tried to evade authorities, going so far as to flee to Mexico at one point.

Among the charges levied against her, Areu is alleged to have turned her mother’s home over to herself via a quit claim deed, made several bank withdrawals from her mother’s account, and opened numerous credit cards in her mother’s name.

But worst of all, Areu is alleged to have forced her mother into assisted living facilities against her will “in an attempt to gain control over her mother’s financial assets.”

The Herald also indicated that authorities believe the “Liberal Sherpa” literally drug her mother to assisted living, as neighbors alerted authorities after they found the elderly woman’s shoe in the driveway.

Considering the fact Areu was allegedly exploiting her mother for financial gain around the same time she was fabricating allegations for a lawsuit against multiple Fox News hosts, it’s difficult to argue that this wasn’t a money grab.

Either Areu was desperate to secure a chunk of cash as quickly as possibly, or she was just a demented, money-hungry deranged leftist who committed both heinous acts for a payday – there is no inbetween here.

No matter how you slice it, though, it’s clear that the “Liberal Sherpa” has an orange jumpsuit in her future.

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