This Kentucky Democrat candidate is launching disturbing attacks against Rand Paul as part of his campaign strategy

For years now, Democrats have claimed that they will “go high” whenever the opposition “goes low.”

But one Democrat candidate didn’t get the memo.

And this candidate is launching disturbing attacks against Rand Paul as part of his campaign strategy.

Democrat Charles Booker is using incendiary campaign tactics in Kentucky

Democrat Senate candidate Charles Booker ran a viral campaign ad, using a noose as a symbol while accusing Paul of “weaponizing hate.”

The noose was used to demonstrate how Rand Paul once compared expanded healthcare to slavery.

Even worse, Booker decided to “go low” when he insulted Paul, saying that he’s “essentially a privileged, spoiled brat” who doesn’t think he’s responsible to anyone.

The reality is that Rand Paul is one of the staunchest supporters of liberty working in the U.S. government today.

But it seems that many Democrats think by demonizing their opponent or making them appear to be so wealthy that they’re out-of-touch with the populace is the only way to win votes.

Booker went on to say that Rand Paul doesn’t see the struggles the people of Kentucky face and that “he has sold us out.”

Name-calling isn’t exactly a winning strategy

If you’re running against someone with opposing viewpoints, it would seem that the best way to win would be to propose new ideas of your own to constituents.

Instead, candidates like Charles Booker prefer to hurl insults and take things to new lows, using personal attacks as his strategic plan to unseat Paul.

Booker says that he’s proud of the history he’s made in his state and wants to create a unifying tone similar to Barack Obama’s.

But using a noose in a television ad and calling your opponent a “spoiled brat” doesn’t seem very unifying.

Kentucky is a red state that hasn’t elected a Democrat Senator in almost 25 years.

The state has also voted for a Republican President in every election since 2000.

Perhaps Booker should try something else if he wants to unseat Paul, like focusing on the real issues rather than resorting to using incendiary rhetoric.

Booker has come up with a “Kentucky New Deal” that would invest in more infrastructure, protect social security, and secure quality healthcare for citizens.

But rather than talk about his extreme socialist views, he’s chosen to throw personal insults at his long-serving opponent.

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