This investigative journalist is sounding the alarm on what he claims is the “real reason” January 6 security footage is being withheld

Photo by Paula Nardini from Pexels

The chaos that erupted on January 6, 2021 was the launching point for Democrats and the rest of the ruling class elites to kick off a massive assault on civil liberties.

Americans still don’t understand what really happened that day, and footage has been kept locked away.

And now this investigative journalist is sounding the alarm on what he claims is the “real reason” January 6 security footage is being withheld.

Journalist faces off with grand jury over his presence at the Capitol on January 6th 

Steve Baker has spent his life building a career in the music industry all around the world, working with the likes of Toni Braxton and Neal Boyd. 

But now, the professional musician has a new way of expressing himself to the world — investigative journalism.

The musician started his foray into journalism during the Trump administration, and his career took a major turn on January 6, when he was present at the U.S. Capitol as the protest erupted.

Baker was there to provide an insider’s perspective on the events of that day, and his footage has been used in multiple documentaries by major news outlets.

Now, Baker is under investigation by a Washington, D.C. grand jury for charges of “interstate racketeering,” and he says that they’re trying to cover up the truth of what happened that day. 

He was subpoenaed this year by the grand jury, and is now facing off against the corrupt FBI.

Baker said that prosecutors hope to prove that he was involved in the events of that day.

The charges afforded him access to unreleased security footage

“Fast-forward two and a half years, and I just got a grand jury subpoena,” Baker told James Poulos at The American Mind

The journalist insists that no other protestors or journalists that day have been charged with “interstate racketeering,” and it can only mean one thing.

“The only thing we’ve been able to surmise is that they want to charge me with, I guess, the preconceived notion that I knew something was going to happen of an illegal nature,” Baker explained.

But while the charges have obviously presented challenges, Baker revealed they’ve also been a bit of a blessing.

Due to the ongoing litigation, Baker has obtained access to the full 41,000 hours of security footage recorded at the Capitol on January 6.

And it also put him in the unique position of seeing the Washington, D.C. prosecutor’s response to his efforts to make all the evidence available to him.

“There was a moment where I felt like I saw something untoward happening between the lead prosecuting attorney and Judge Amit Mehta, who was sitting on the bench,” Baker said, explaining that he believed what he saw transpire between the judge and attorney amounted to “suppression of evidence” that required further investigation.

Evidence reveals the ruling class “anointed” false leaders on January 6

According to the journalist, he found what he believed to be obvious suppression of evidence “that would likely be exculpatory” for several defendants. 

So, he continued to pull on the threads. 

“What we have discovered is not only suppression of evidence, but also creation out of thin air of evidence that did not exist for the purpose of convicting,” he says.

Baker said that the security footage shows that “people have been scapegoated” by the ruling class elites as “anointed leaders of the insurrection,” who were “falsely” framed in the courts.

However, he does believe that the truth will soon come to light. 

The journalist said that right now, he is being blocked from releasing the evidence because of his case, but soon he will be able to “get this off [his] chest.”

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