This independent journalist just dropped a movement-ending bombshell on Antifa that will make you absolutely sick

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Democrats have proven that they dream of a dark dystopian future for civilization.

They partner with the most radical and violent groups that they can find to make this a reality.

And now this independent journalist just dropped a movement-ending bombshell on Antifa that will make you absolutely sick.

Independent journalist says that Antifa has been made security at controversial events

Antifa is a militant group that helps the radical Left to carry out their ideological goals in a variety of ways.

Normally when Antifa is mentioned, people think of violent riots and chaos that takes over cities in the aftermath of nationally politicized events.

Another way Antifa supports the Left is by providing security at their most controversial events, like drag shows – which they claim are appropriate for “all ages.”

This has been confirmed in reports by independent journalist Tayler Hansen, who has been covering the Antifa movement over the past year.

Hansen has been boots on the ground, covering radical woke events like “drag queen story hour,” and even more horrifying drag shows that have been targeting children in Texas.

He reported that at one event, it was Antifa thugs – not law enforcement officers – who were charged with removing him from an event.

He said that he was ultimately “thankful” for being removed after witnessing multiple instances of child abuse.

Obvious instances of child abuse committed by parents at drag shows have been documented

At that event, Hansen said that he witnessed “parents, who are supposed to protect their children from perversion… hooting and hollering in anticipation for men to dance sexually for their children.”

He said that it was obvious that some of these children were there against their will.

In one instance a young boy was asked by the bartender if he was gay to which the child replied, “No, I’m not gay.”

This infuriated the parent who stepped in to tell the bartender that the boy was lying and that he was, in fact, gay regardless of what the boy said.

Hansen says that the child became “visibly uncomfortable” after the bartender’s question, and even more so following “his mother’s correction,” adding that the boy “bowed his head towards the ground like a puppy that was just scolded.”

He says that he has “documented over 20 cases of child abuse in under a year” at these events.

The country is “heading down a dark path” and it’s happening faster than you’d imagine

In a thread on Twitter, Hansen said that his investigation has given him “more of an understanding of these events and their intention,” and he argued that he understands it better than anyone else in the country.

He warned that “predators” are “taking advantage” of the accommodations Democrats are forcing everyone to make to appease transgender individuals in order to receive protection.

He said that these events use songs from children’s movies to try to make them more comfortable.

“Imagine being a child and hearing ‘Let It Go’ while you watch a scantily dressed man who’s posing as a princess dance for you sexually,” Hansen wrote, before pointing out that’s “what predators do.”

Hansen said that the country is “heading down a dark path,” but that he “never expected the culture to take a turn this drastic.”

He said that he couldn’t even “fathom that this gay bar with sexual signs and scantily dressed men posing as women were about to dance for little children…”

This is what the left — and Antifa — protect with all the power they can muster.

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