This horrifying statistic on America’s military readiness has Communist China licking its chops

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

While many Americans worry themselves with pronouns and other such “woke” insanity, America’s enemies are militarizing at an alarming rate. 

Nations such as Russia, China, and North Korea are feverishly working toward achieving their goal of world domination, and America is flatly unprepared in many aspects. 

And Xi Jinping is cackling in delight as the horrifying military statistic is released to the public. 

Woke extremism is putting the future of America at risk

In nations like China, Russia, and Iran, children are taught vital military skills from a very young age. 

Marksmanship, military readiness, and patriotism are all integral parts of these hostile nation’s education systems, meanwhile, American children are learning about radical gender studies, pronouns, and cultural Marxism. 

To make matters worse, America is in the midst of an entirely preventable obesity and drug epidemic that plagues millions of Americans on a daily basis. 

As a result, an estimated 77% of young Americans are not physically fit to serve in the military, according to a recent study conducted by the Department of Defense. 

In response to this alarming figure, Maj. Charlie Dietz spoke to the press, saying, “There are many factors that we are navigating through, such as the fact that youth are more disconnected and disinterested compared to previous generations.” 

“The declining veteran population and shrinking military footprint has contributed to a market that is unfamiliar with military service resulting in an overreliance on military stereotypes,” he added.

Previous studies conducted in 2017 found that lack of mental wellness, obesity, and drug abuse were among the top reasons for the lack of qualified military personnel. 

On April 27, warmongering Senator Thom Tillis (RINO-NC) spoke out about disturbing trends in the military.

To put it bluntly, I am worried we are now in the early days of a long-term threat to the all-volunteer force,” Tillis claimed. “[There is] a small and declining number of Americans who are eligible and interested in military service.”

“Every single metric tracking the military recruiting environment is going in the wrong direction,” he added.

As Senator Tillis points out, things look very bleak for the United States military, especially when compared to its foreign advisories. 

Another factor that many conservatives suspect is contributing to recruiting problems is the rise of anti-American sentiments from Democrats.

Additionally, the military has embarked on a number of woke initiatives, repulsing some from the military. 

America’s declining military prowess is a direct result of woke politics

Ever since Biden took the oath of office, many Americans would argue that the nation has steadily declined. 

The military is weaker than at any other time in recent memory, the economy is in shambles, and America remains divided to its core. 

The bottom line is that Joe Biden and his radical regime are failing to do their jobs. 

The lack of qualified American military personnel presents a considerable threat to the future of the nation.

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