This Hollywood actress just broke her silence for the first time since she faced a horrifying otter attack that will blow your mind

Photo by Robert So from Pexels

Make sure you never cross an otter.

Because the stories coming out about these little furry critters make it seem as though they’re out for revenge.

And this Hollywood actress just broke her silence for the first time since she faced a horrifying otter attack that will blow your mind.

The wild is a dangerous place

Every time you go into the wild, you put your life in danger.

To go fishing, you have to worry about creatures like snakes or maybe even a great white shark munching on you.

Fall overboard and you may become fish bait.

If you go in the woods you better watch out for that bear, or maybe even a deranged deer.

Nothing will knock you out faster than a flying hoof.

Danger is always just around the corner once you leave your front door.

And really, it’s shocking that people would even leave the couch as they can just cut on and see all the nature they want to see on Animal Planet.

But for some reason, people keep going out into the wild and keep facing wild animals head on.

And shockingly, one wild animal is on a streak of lashing out for revenge, and it’s the last animal imaginable – the otter.

Don’t mess with an otter

Most people view the otter as being one animal they are willing to cuddle.

After all, how dangerous could that little furry critter be?

That’s a question man has asked for a long time before paying the price for getting too close.

And lately, in the news otters have been some vicious little critters.

These zoo attractions and cuddly figures are now attacking people out in the open.

But their latest attack is catching extra headlines, as their victim was a famous actress who opened up about her nightmarish encounter with the furry critter.

Hollywood actress Crystal Finn, whose claim to fame is being in HBO’s hit series Succession, broke her silence about her near death experience with an otter while swimming in a California river.

“I felt something on my backside and on my leg,” Finn claimed. “I started looking around and yelling out and (the otters) popped up right in front of me. Then they dove down and started going at me again.”

She continued by explaining how there were three otters attacking her and how she could see “the bites on my legs and knew I had been bitten on my butt — that one was the worst, but I couldn’t see it. The bites really hurt.”

Then Finn explained how every other American would have fallen for the deadly otter trap.

“If I had seen them, I don’t think it would have given me pause,” she explained. “I would have thought, ‘Oh those cute river otters.’”

Americans need to wake up.

We nearly made wolves extinct because they were a vicious threat to our communities.

Now, it looks like otters are the next animals up to challenge us for seniority.

Would you try to pet an otter?