This great white shark picked the wrong WWE superstar for his afternoon snack and paid a big price

Photo by Vova Kras from Pexels

It’s summertime and that means that many Americans are flocking to beaches to enjoy the sunshine.

But going swimming in the ocean can also lead to close encounters with certain sea creatures out looking for a snack.

And this great white shark picked the wrong WWE superstar for his afternoon snack and paid a big price.

You never know what’s lurking nearby

Last week, San Diego County beachgoers were shocked recently when they learned that a drone camera had captured footage of multiple great white sharks swimming just off the coast.

Kevin Christopherson captured the footage of at least four great whites as he flew his drone off the coast of San Onofre State Beach in southern California.

“I counted 4, maybe 5, total great white sharks, and it didn’t stop anyone from catching some waves,” Christopherson wrote online following the incident.

The eerie footage of more than a dozen surfers unknowingly surrounded by sharks while waiting to catch their next big wave has circulated online, eliciting contrasting emotions of contentment and fear.

While the image might be startling, it’s a rather normal occurrence for sharks to seek out shallower waters near beaches as they breed each year.

In fact, it’s such a normal occurrence, at the same time these surfers were surrounded by sharks, a WWE superstar was facing down a shark of his own at another American beach.

WWE legend The Undertaker is beckoned by his wife after run in with shark on the beach

Mark Calaway, also known as WWE legend The Undertaker, received a surprising message from his wife, Michelle “McCool” Calaway last week, and rushed to her side.

She said that she was “simply enjoying a book on the beach” when she noticed some “vegetation” that looked an awful lot like a shark.

McCool quickly realized that it was a nurse shark cruising through the shallow waters, and she could see it clear as day through the crystal blue waters.

She said her first thought was to “text hubby,” and ask him to come deal with the sneaky predator.

She explained that she really didn’t like how close the shark was to shore, and thought maybe she wasn’t big enough to scare the shark back into deeper waters, but hoped that her nearly seven-foot-tall, 300 pound husband would do the trick. 

This is what happened when the “Deadman” showed up to face down the shark.

The Undertaker can simply stare down man or beast

McCool says that as soon as her husband showed up, the shark got nervous, and once The Undertaker stepped into the water, it turned its tail and ran.

And it was all thanks to his signature mean-mug stare. 

McCool joked that she was right to believe she “wasn’t big enough to scare him away,” but that her husband was.

She shared a video and images from the interaction, lauding her husband and admitting that she was “kinda digging that last picture…A LOT.”

The husband and wife both had storied WWE careers, with The Undertaker compiling seven world championships during his Hall of Fame career, and McCool being a two-time WWE women’s champion as well.

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