This German bombshell just punched her ticket to the Paris Olympics

Foto: Stefan Brending

The 2024 Olympics kick off this summer in Paris, marking the XXXIII modern Olympiad.

Athletes from every corner of the world will once again compete for the coveted gold medal in their respective sports.

And this German bombshell just punched her ticket to the Paris Olympics.

Finally, a reason to tune into the summer Olympics

For many athletes, the Olympics gives them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to compete on the world’s stage.

This especially applies to athletes who compete in sports such as running, swimming, and badminton, which often get little to no mainstream coverage outside of the Olympics.

And for German track star, Alica Schmidt, the upcoming Olympic games in Paris could give her a chance to take home the gold.

Schmidt has become an internet star in recent years, with some even calling her the “world’s sexiest athlete.”

Schmidt qualified for the mixed 4×400-meter race this week at the World Athletics Relays Bahamas 24.

Soon after, she shared the news with the over 5 million people who follow her on Instagram with a video of the race that qualified her and her teammates for the Olympic games.

She included a caption that read, “Olympics qualifiers with the mixed relay. Sooo proud of this team and can’t wait for what this year still has in store for us!”

“Unfortunately, we missed the qualification with the women’s 4×4 but we will go again at the European champs in a few weeks,” she added.

However, this is not Schmidt’s first appearance at the Olympics.

She competed in the co-ed race in Tokyo in 2021, however, she and her team failed to get very far in the rankings.

Ever since, Schmidt has trained relentlessly, sharing some of her workout routines on Instagram and other platforms.

Schmidt has also focused considerable time and energy on advancing her own personal brand, competing in a multitude of high-profile races.

Earlier this year, the German track star made headlines after publicly revealing that she turned down a six-figure endorsement from a major brand.

“Two months ago I received an offer from a well-known brand,” she told Germany’s Bild.

“But I wasn’t 100 percent behind it,” she added. “I don’t feel comfortable with that. That would have been in the mid to high six figures for a campaign.”

Although she has been slow to divulge the details behind this refusal, many of her fans support her courage to turn down large endorsement offers that she does not align with, maintaining her integrity.

Schmidt has helped put a massive spotlight on track and field

Most people can agree that social media can have a very negative impact, especially on young people.

However, athletes such as Alica Schmidt have proven that social media can help to attract young people to sports like track and field.

Her super-model-esque good looks do not hurt her mission either.

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