This Georgia state Senator sent Democrats into chaos after he sent one letter that could unravel Donald Trump’s fourth indictment

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The list of indictments against Donald Trump seems to grow with each passing month.

But many Trump supporters and even neutral observers see this as politically motivated.

And now this Georgia state Senator sent Democrats into chaos after he sent one letter that could unravel Donald Trump’s fourth indictment.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis brought new charges against former President Donald Trump this week.

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley thinks the indictment is overly political and unfair.

“It’s excessive and I think it’s also dangerous,” Turley said. “It essentially criminalizes challenges to elections. There’s no sort of limiting principle in this document. They are charging things like the president saying publicly, we need to have a recount. Democrats and Republicans challenge these elections routinely. I’ve covered elections for various networks. I don’t know how many now, but we often, if not always, have these challenges. Some are more supportive than others, but they’re not crimes.”

Impeachment for partisan prosecution

Now, one Georgia state Senator wants to take action against Willis.

Georgia state Senator Colton Moore is moving to impeach Willis.

He is accusing her of carrying out a political agenda against Trump.

In announcing an initiative to begin an emergency session to conduct a thorough investigation into Willis’ actions, Moore sent a letter to Georgia RINO Governor Brian Kemp.

In a statement, Moore said, “We must strip all funding and, if appropriate, impeach Fani Willis. As a Georgia State Senator, I am officially calling for an emergency session to review the actions of Fani Willis. America is under attack. I’m not going to sit back and watch as radical left prosecutors weaponize their elected offices to politically target their opponents.”

In a Monday press conference, Willis announced charges against Trump and many others.

She gave him and the other 18 co-defendants named in the indictment until August 25 to surrender to law enforcement.

Trump wasn’t about to meekly go along with what he feels to be unjustified targeting by Willis.

The campaign highlighted a Time article about Willis, saying, “Fani Willis is the daughter of a former Black Panther,” and highlighted how she may have become radicalized through her father.

“Colton Moore is an absolute patriot,” America First Georgia’s Cliff Maloney said. “He must win this battle and I encourage every liberty loving American to support him. This one-sided grand jury presentation relied on witnesses who harbor their own personal and political interests — some of whom ran campaigns touting their efforts against the accused and/or profited from book deals and employment opportunities as a result.”

Legal scholar: charges are serious

Turley believes that, however unfair, the charges against the former President are serious.

“I think that the Trump team has to realize that this is a serious threat, not because of the merits, but because, as a racketeering case, it’s very hard to take these cases up on appeal before trial,” Turley said. “It’s very hard to get them dismissed on threshold questions.”

“Willis will argue that she should have the right to present her evidence in trial in court,” he continued. “That is likely to be successful. Also, this is not a case that can be dismissed with a federal pardon, whether by Trump himself or by an elected Republican. That’s why this has to be taken seriously.”

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