This former federal judge issued a warning about the MAGA movement that has Donald Trump grinning from ear-to-ear

Photo by Sora Shimazaki from Pexels

Sometimes, Democrats don’t realize what they are actually saying to put down Americans is actually a compliment.

And you can’t get much better of a compliment than this if you are a real patriot. 

And this former federal judge issued a warning about the MAGA movement that has Donald Trump grinning from ear-to-ear.

Sometime their insults are compliments

Democrats often talk before they think. 

And in all reality, they usually act on legislation and policy without ever thinking. 

So it isn’t a shock to anyone that Democrats will go on live television and start spewing out some of the dumbest one-liners and hot takes imaginable. 

Not a day goes by without a Democrat on MSNBC, CNN, or even Fox News spewing insults and slanderous allegations against working-class Americans. 

For instance, who can forget when disgraced former CNN host Don Lemon laughed hysterically as a guest openly mocked Trump supporters as uneducated rednecks. 

But sometimes when Democrats hurl these insults at Americans, they are too far detached from reality to realize that the intended insult is actually a compliment. 

And an ex-federal judge just labeled the MAGA movement something that all Americans should asspire to be.

Being a patriot is a bad thing?

The decision by the Supreme Court to hear challenges to former President Donald Trump’s Presidential immunity defense has caused turmoil amongst Democrats’ media. 

Political pundits are split as to how the Supreme Court will rule, but many are leaning towards the Court siding with Special Prosecutor Jack Smith in this case and against Trump. 

But the idea that Trump may be on the verge of getting out of the persecution he is facing is infuriating Democrats.

Former federal Judge J. Michael Luttig was trying to scare MSNBC viewers and insult Trump supporters when he claimed that the MAGA movement is just like the 1776 revolutionary movement.

Not exactly an insult, at least to real patriots.

Luttig appeared on Deadline: White House to talk about the Court’s decision to hear claims on Trump’s defense.

“America fought one revolution almost 250 years ago, in order that there would never be another revolution,” Luttig said. “And the Constitution prescribes that there will not be another revolution. But the intellectual underpinnings of the MAGA movement, the intellectual underpinning sound literally in revolution. And they compare what they are about, those people, to the revolution we had in 1776. That is what’s at issue in the next nine months.”

Americans have historically admired the revolutionary spirit of our Founding Fathers. 

They pledged all they had – their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor – to establish the last best hope of man on Earth.

And thank God they did.

Would you consider it a compliment to be compared to America’s Founding Fathers?