This father taught one woke extremist comedian a lesson on stage after he made a vile “joke” about his three-month-old child

Carsten Stiller, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

For some reason the woke outrage mob is obsessed with children.

That’s especially true when it comes to the children of anyone who dares oppose any aspect of their woke extremist agenda.

But this father taught one woke extremist comedian a lesson on stage after he made a vile “joke” about his three-month-old child.

Father draws line in the sand

In a wild viral video that recently took the internet by storm, a Spanish father is seen storming the stage and punching a woke extremist comedian.

According to reports, the incident occurred after the woke comedian, Jaime Caravaca, posted a “sexualized” joke about the man’s three-month-old son on social media before the show.

Caravaca was in the middle of a live set in Madrid when the enraged father, Alberto Pugilato, stormed the stage and punched him, leaving the woke comedian to cower in the corner in utter terror.

The violent scene erupted after Caravaca responded to a photo that Pugilato had posted of his infant son on X.

Pugilato, a musician and open conservative, has posted the photo of his young infant son on social media with a caption that simply read, “Pride and joy.”

That apparently prompted Caravaca to reply that “nothing and no one can prevent the possibility that he is gay, and when he grows up he gets tired of sucking black c**k.”

The post has since been deleted, but a screenshot of the comment continues to circulate online.

Pugilato quickly responded, writing, “I assure you that you are going to apologize for what you said about my 3-month-old son, and you will discover that real life is not Twitter.”

Although Caravaca deleted his comment, Pugilato said that he “captured it,” and that he was going to “print it and take it to a [standup show] so we can laugh in person.”

Not only did Pugilato make the statements in response to the joke online, but he also followed through in real life. 

He was filmed jumping onto the stage during Caravaca’s set, and punching him in the face.

Local outlet Marca said the father screamed, “Do you think my son was going to eat a black man’s d**k?”

He added, “What now? Tell me to my face, here and now.”

Just before he left the stage, the enraged father got in one last smack to Caravaca’s face.

The woke comedian begs for forgiveness

At the time of publication, it’s unclear whether Pugilato will face any legal repercussions for his actions.

The comedian ultimately took to social media to issue an apology and claimed that his sexualization of a three-month-old shield was merely a “joke.”

He wrote, “What was intended to be a joke was ultimately an unfortunate and not at all appropriate comment on my part. My apologies to anyone who feels affected.”

The comedian added, “Let’s put violence aside and leave a good world for people to grow free.”

Pugilato responded to the post and said that he accepted Caravaca’s apology.

The father added that he does not wish him any harm on the comedian, and simply hopes the incident “helps others understand that children are sacred.”

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