This far-left socialist Senator was humiliated after telling a major lie about inflation

America is in peril, there is simply no way of denying it. 

The economy is in free fall and inflation is making the American Dollar worth less than ever before and urgent action is needed to avoid a catastrophe. 

But this far-left socialist Senator was humiliated after telling a major lie about inflation. 

Rapid inflation is one of the greatest threats to the United States

Perhaps the biggest threat to the future of the United States is the rapid devaluation of the American dollar due to out-of-control inflation. 

Consumer’s hard-earned dollars are now worth less than ever before, thanks to Joe Biden and the radical left’s tax and spend agenda. 

When Trump left office inflation growth was at around 1.4% and now the latest reports are indicating that inflation growth is now close to 9% under Biden’s watch, and that is what the “official” numbers are. 

In all likelihood, the real numbers are much higher. 

Joe Biden and his cronies in Congress believe that they can just print more dollars to fund their radical pet political projects such as the Green New Deal and the so-called “Build Back Better” Program. 

Any historian or economist will tell you that rapid inflation is often a death knell for a prosperous society, and a total economic collapse is imminent unless something is done in a hurry. 

Congress is unprepared to do anything but deflect the blame

When it comes to getting things done, Congress is the wrong place to go to. 

In some cases, this can be good since more government almost always makes things worse, but it can be a real problem when America is on the brink of a crisis like it is now. 

But this Congress is one of the most ineffective governing bodies in recent American history.  

All they can seem to do is pass out-of-control spending bills and extreme “gun control” measures. 

To make matters worse, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, just told an outright lie about the inflation crisis America is facing. Lying is apparently as impulsive as breathing for Elizabeth Warren, who is an avowed socialist and hater of American freedom. 

But her latest lie takes the cake. 

While on CNN, when discussing the prospect of canceling student loan debt, Elizabeth Warren proclaimed to all of CNN’s 20 viewers that “there is just no evidence that canceling student loan debt contributes to inflation.” 

She added the cancellation of student debt “would be a huge relief for tens of millions of working people.”

Without any reasonable doubt, canceling billions of dollars of debt would profoundly raise inflation and would send many financial institutions into complete ruin. 

The radical Left lives in a false reality

The truth is, Elizabeth Warren likely knows that canceling student loan debt is bad for the economy and will cause inflation, but she simply does not give a rip. 

Socialists such as Elizabeth Warren live in a false reality where things like inflation and gas prices do not matter. 

After all, she is a millionaire from her years in politics, so the price of gas does not really matter to her. 

But inflation does impact average working Americans, and these Americans will be heading to the polls this November. 

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