This far-left Mayor just made a shocking claim about immigration

America’s southern border has more holes than swiss cheese.

Dangerous drugs like fentanyl and weapons are pouring into America and Democrats have put out the welcome mat.  

But now this far-left Mayor just made a shocking claim about immigration. 

Democrats are beginning to regret years of brain-dead, open-border policies

After years of pro-illegal immigration policies, America’s southern border with Mexico has turned into a complete and total disaster. 

Millions of undocumented economic migrants have flooded into the country, and the effect has been devastating for many communities. 

Things have gotten so bad for many cities that even some Democrats are saying enough is enough. 

One such Democrat is the radical far-left Mayor of Denver, Colorado, Michael Hancock.  

Just recently, Hancock issued an emergency declaration over the vast amount of illegal aliens who are entering his city. 

Appearing on CNN’s CNN Tonight, Mayor Hancock explained the current crisis that Denver is facing. 

According to Hancock, “I issued the declaration of emergency earlier today because we’ve seen a steady stream, really over the last six days, we’ve seen over 472 people come to our city as we start to track the migrants after I activated our emergency operations center, just beginning to really stress our systems and really stress our financial condition in the city of Denver.”

He then went on to say, “The reality is that we have over 700 migrants that have — and asylum-seekers that have come to our city over the last several months. And the reality is that while we are trying to take care of those who are unhoused, and by the way, we know this is a challenge in cities all over the country in terms of our neighbors being unhoused, and we’re also trying to house those who are coming to our transportation station in the city of Denver.” 

He ended by saying that “We simply can’t do both. It’s stressing our system, it’s stressing our shelters in the city of Denver, and so we’ve had to open up two of our recreation centers — actually, three, take them offline to our taxpaying citizens to help those who are coming to our city as migrants and asylum-seekers, as well as to make public calls for assistance with our partners, our nonprofits, and our faith leaders.” 

These statements from Mayor Hancock prove that so-called “sanctuary city” laws are a complete disaster. 

The massive influx of illegal aliens is not good for America or any of the communities they are ending up in. 

Perhaps the “geniuses” who are running the city of Denver should have thought about this before voting to make Denver a refuge for illegal aliens. 

The bottom line is that border security must be a priority for the federal government. 

Allowing throngs of illegal aliens into America not only takes advantage of America’s asylum laws, but it overwhelms countless communities across the nation. 

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