This Democrat Senator went bananas after Joe Biden’s clean energy czar defied Congress with one statement on Chinese energy

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Joe Biden has made it clear from day one that he doesn’t want a strong American energy sector.

He’s made multiple policy decisions that have kneecapped the largest producers and hurt consumers.

Now this Democrat Senator went bananas after Joe Biden’s clean energy czar defied Congress with one statement on Chinese energy.

Podesta caught cheering for China at energy event last week

The Biden regime has been promising radical transformation of our energy industry since the President was on the campaign trail in 2020.

It’s become even more clear since he took office that what President Joe Biden and Democrats talk about eliminating fossil fuels and putting American oil companies out of business, they really just mean give it all to Communist China.

John Podesta, Biden’s clean energy czar, further alluded to that reality when speaking at an event last week.

According to Podesta, Chinese companies would be “big players” in the pursuit of green energy technologies, and these companies would be able to benefit from the stimulus provided by the ruling class elites’ CHIPS+ Science Act.

Podesta also explained that China has an abundance of rare-earth minerals, but the United States should be cautious in depending on them for the materials.

He said that their companies are “perfectly prepared to use their economic power when it serves their interests in a strategic way.”

Those comments did receive a strong rebuke from at least one Democrat Senator, though.

Manchin calls Podesta’s words “beyond irresponsible”

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), who serves as Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, was rightly furious that Podesta would suggest that Chinese companies benefit from working class Americans’ tax dollars.

According to Manchin, allowing Chinese companies such taxpayer-funded benefits is “not consistent with the IRA or the CHIPS + Science Act.”

“It is beyond irresponsible for someone speaking on behalf of the White House to condone but also advocate for sending American tax dollars to Chinese companies,” Manchin said. 

The whole purpose of these bills was to address “widespread bipartisan” concerns about the Communist Chinese influence on supply chains.

Senator Manchin said that the statement by Podesta was another indication of malfeasance following rumors that the Biden regime is “thoughtlessly considering opening up the EV credit’s eligibility beyond our free trade agreement partners…”

This would essentially allow companies to fund work through “Trojan horse agreements,” according to Manchin.

He said that would lead to “laundering” of Chinese materials back into America’s supply chain, even though the laws were specifically written to exclude Communist China.

Manchin said that this could lead to further national security issues for the United States.

Biden “doesn’t care about” American energy security

The West Virginia Democrat further condemned the Biden regime and warned of a potential national security crisis.

He said that America has “a dire dependence problem” with Communist China, and that Podesta’s comments could make it worse. 

According to Senator Manchin, President Biden has made it “clear” that his regime “doesn’t care about the energy security of this nation.”

They’re even willing to pay Chinese companies to take it from Americans.

Manchin promised that he would continue to work to expose what is happening with the American energy sector, pledging to “do everything in [his] power to prevent this Administration from welcoming China to take Federal dollars with open arms.”

That’s the least he could do as the Chairman of the Senate Energy and Natural Resource Committee.

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