This Democrat Governor’s terrifying plan to turn her state into a “Big Government utopia” will leave you speechless

Screenshot via YouTube, Face the Nation

Democrats are fully aware that working class Americans from all walks of life are reaching their breaking point with the ruling class elites and their Big Government corruption.

For them it’s now a race against the clock to implement their authoritarian agenda and solidify their power and control over the American people before they have a chance to fight back.

And this Democrat Governor’s terrifying plan to turn her state into a “Big Government utopia” will leave you speechless.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has announced a plan that has many conservatives, especially gun-owners, shaking their fists. 

New Mexico Democrat Governor Lujan Grisham is kicking off the state’s next 30-day legislative session with a grandiose plan to tackle violent crime, housing affordability, and climate change.

As the Democrat Governor gears up for her annual State of the State speech, tensions are rising over competing visions for the state’s spending priorities amid a record-setting surplus.

New Mexico anticipates an unprecedented windfall of $13 billion for the fiscal year starting July 1, leaving policymakers with what should be an easy decision on what to do with the surplus funds – give it back to taxpayers.

Of course, Democrats will never actually return the money to taxpayers as they should.

Instead, the Democrat-controlled legislature and Governor Grisham are at-odds over how big of an increase in government spending they should pass instead – the legislature is pushing for a 5.9% increase in general fund spending, while the Governor is demanding a 10% increase in spending.

In a state flush with surplus cash, Governor Grisham is pushing for major Big Government initiatives, including a $250 million plan to expand down payment assistance and a $40 million effort to combat homelessness. 

These proposals are poised to reshape the state’s social landscape, but they come with a hefty price tag that has working class New Mexicans – and anyone else with a brain and basic understanding of math – questioning the sustainability of such spending.

The Democrat Governor’s foray into public safety is equally dramatic, with a multifaceted package targeting gun violence, panhandling, retail crime, and hazing. 

Gun-control measures take center stage, with proposals to extend background check waiting periods, restrict features on assault-style rifles, and raise the minimum age for purchasing certain firearms.

As the legislature’s Republican minority raises concerns about potential infringements on law-abiding citizens’ right to self-defense, the battle lines are drawn on a contentious issue that resonates deeply with working class Americans nationwide.

Amid the fervor, a clash over climate change policies adds another layer of complexity to the legislative landscape. 

Grisham is championing tax credits to incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles, a move aimed at reducing the state’s carbon footprint. 

Simultaneously, the Democrat Governor is eyeing a strategic water source development initiative, leveraging treated water from the byproducts of oil and natural gas drilling — a proposal that underscores the delicate dance between environmental concerns and economic interests.

As the entire Legislature faces an impending election in November, the stakes have never been higher. 

The political theater playing out in New Mexico reflects a broader ideological struggle within the Democrat Party, with extreme socialist spending ambitions pitted against more fiscally conservative approaches.

For many Americans, this clash represents a microcosm of the national debates over crime, spending, and the role of government.

The drama in the Land of Enchantment serves as a preview of the battles to come, with Lujan Grisham’s bold agenda setting the stage for a legislative showdown that will reverberate far beyond the state’s borders. 

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