This Democrat Governor thumbed her nose at individual liberty with one anti-freedom environmental extremist scheme

Screenshot via YouTube, Face the Nation

Ruling class elite politicians and bureaucrats are doing everything they can to seize more power and control over the American people.

A recent state mandate passed under the guise of saving the environment proves just that.

And now this Democrat Governor thumbed her nose at individual liberty with one anti-freedom environmental extremist scheme.

At the rate things are going, In the very near future, Washington, D.C. will dictate what cars Americans are allowed to drive. 

In a startling move, New Mexico’s Democrat Governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham recently issued an executive order mandating that every state government agency transition to an entirely electric vehicle fleet by 2035. 

This decision also included plans to enhance electric vehicle (EV) tax credits, ostensibly to make these vehicles more affordable.

“The fact of the matter is that consumers and dealers want better access to electric vehicles, and the actions we’ve taken through Clean Car rules and now tax credits are leveling the playing field,” Lujan Grisham stated.

She reinforced her commitment by pledging that by 2035, “the state fleet will be 100% electric.”

However, this ambitious order is not without controversy. 

Many view this move as a stark intrusion into individual choice and liberty. 

The Governor’s “Clean Car Rule,” which mandates that an increasing percentage of new, zero-emission vehicles be purchased for the state government fleet each year starting in 2026, have stirred heated debates about government’s role in dictating personal vehicle choices.

The nationwide push for electric vehicles is further complicated by federal emissions regulations and fuel economy rules, which experts predict will raise the prices of traditional gas-powered cars. 

Additionally, the reinstatement of California’s authority under the Clean Air Act to implement its own emission standards has led to a 2035 EV mandate, a policy that several states have adopted, sparking concerns about states’ rights and individual freedom.

The conservative backlash against these mandates has been justifiably fierce. 

The recent bipartisan vote in the U.S. House of Representatives to strike down California’s waiver under the Clean Air Act received widespread support from Republican lawmakers. 

House Energy and Commerce Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), emphasized the importance of ensuring that Americans retain the freedom to choose vehicles that suit their lives without government interference.

The central argument from Republicans is that such mandates infringe on personal freedom, limiting the ability to drive practical, functional, and affordable cars. 

They point out that these regulations are restrictive government overreach, eroding the legacy of the American auto industry and individual choice.

As the electric vehicle mandate debate intensifies, conservatives are raising crucial questions: Are these regulations a necessary step toward a greener future, or do they represent a dangerous erosion of personal liberty? 

The clash between Democrats’ environmental extremist policies and individual rights is becoming a defining issue.

And the outcome could significantly impact the choices Americans have in the vehicles they drive. 

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