This Democrat Governor is aiming to turn this Rust Belt into a Liberal Dystopia

The red wave never materialized in the Midterms. 

In fact, outside of Florida it looked more like a ripple. 

Now this Democrat Governor is aiming to turn this Rust Belt into a Liberal Dystopia

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s party now controls all of the state government for the first time in generations.

So now she is looking to work with them to force their liberal, anti-freedom, anti-Christian agenda on the unsuspecting residents of this state.

Gretchen Whitmer is swinging for the fences on policy.

Michigan’s Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer won re-election on November 8 by more than ten points and now feels that she has a mandate to force her radical liberal agenda on the state.

She and her Democrat colleagues in the State Legislature who have complete control of the body for the first time in decades are already talking about their grand plans to pass gun control, repeal the state’s Right to Work law, further entrench special rights for the LGBT community, and more.

Democrats hold only slim majorities in the State House with a 56-54 advantage and a 20-18 advantage in the State Senate.

But as we’ve seen in Virginia, Democrats are not afraid to use their small majorities to enact their radical agenda, even if it could cost them in the next election.

Back in 2020 when Democrats took complete control of Virginia for the first time in decades, they passed a smorgasbord of liberal agenda items, including abortion “rights,” gun control, monopoly union bargaining for government employees, and repealing the state’s death penalty.

Apparently, the irony is lost on the Left that they support killing children in the womb via abortion, but support preserving the lives of convicted murderers.

Virginia went on to elect Republican Glenn Youngkin as Governor and give Republicans back control of the House of Delegates in the wake of the Democrat’s liberal overreach.

While it is not likely to last, it did show signs of life for the Republican Party that had been left decimated in the 2019 elections.

Will Michigan continue trending blue or is this a blip on the radar?

It cannot be denied that liberal activists have done much to change the electoral process in Michigan over the last decade through the ballot initiative process.

Taking control of the Michigan Supreme Court ultimately helped set the table, as the Court, when under Republican control, would block most of the craziest leftist powerplay ballot measures for being in violation of the State Constitution. 

But once the liberals took over, everything has been allowed to move forward, no matter how egregiously it violated the state’s Constitution.

Sadly, it was former Republican Governor Rick Snyder who helped open the floodgates by appointing a closet liberal to the court on his way out of office, which gave Democrats a functional majority on the Michigan Supreme Court.

So, the question is, is Michigan blue for good now?

Unlike Colorado and Virginia which have been trending blue for at least a decade, mostly behind demographic forces, Michigan has been pretty stagnant in terms of population.

And while they made gains in 2018 and in 2022, we won’t know until 2024 if the Democrats have staying power, or if there were just outsized issues that allowed them to take complete control this past election cycle.

For example, did the abortion issue drive turnout for Democrats? 

Was the Michigan Republican Party just in a total state of dysfunction that Democrats took advantage of? 

Or did Democrats truly find a way to game the system through the ballot measure process that will give them total control of the state for decades to come?

Democrats run the risk of overreaching, but do they care?

Michigan Democrats may just go for it and swing for the fences knowing that if they get some policy wins, it’ll take decades to be undone.

The Michigan Republican Party is in shambles and seems inept to do the job, which may give Democrats an open door to do as they please.

But with as slim as majorities as they have in Lansing, it’d be a gamble to go for it all in their first two years of power, just to lose it all in 2024. 

But that assumes Republican lawmakers will actually fight against the liberal agenda, instead of joining it. 

And sadly there are already rumors swirling that Republicans in Lansing are looking to “moderate” as if they were somehow actually being conservative over the last decade and that was why they lost control. 

Michigan Republicans have ruled like moderate Democrats for years, just like their counterparts in Washington, D.C. and they’ll use any excuse to vote like liberals to appeal to the “middle,” whoever that is.

We shall see how Whitmer operates the next couple years and if the Republicans will actually put up a stiff resistance. 

That could very well decide what 2024 looks like.

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