This Democrat-controlled state is backpedaling on one radical policy Democrats swore would work

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

The radical Left has crafted an ingenious engine to spread extremely woke policies as far and wide as possible. 

They localize their most insane policy proposals to the handful of areas in which voters will gleefully accept anything their ruling class masters suggest. 

And this Democrat-controlled state is now backpedaling on one radical policy Democrats swore would work.

If it feels good… do it…

Thanks to the woke extremist stronghold of Portland, and two massive universities in the state, Oregon has turned into a test tube for the craziest ideas Democrats can imagine. 

From being one of the original states that moved to mail-in ballots, to not permitting government officials to say “pregnant women,” to obscure laws like allowing homeless people to sue anyone who simply asks them to relocate for $1,000.

The list goes on-and-on. 

Infamously, Oregon also sought to “reimagine” drug crimes in 2020 by passing a ballot measure that effectively decriminalized all of the most dangerous and deadly drugs imaginable, prevented police from confiscating any drugs, and failed to offer any real rehabilitation options to addicts. 

Be careful what you wish for…

And so far, the free-for-all on heroin, cocaine, meth, and every other hard drug has been an unmitigated disaster. 

The Associated Press reported that since Oregon moved drug use from a criminal matter into a so-called “public health” issue, the state has experienced the largest spikes in overdoses in the nation.

Police can do nothing while sidewalks are littered with needles and other drug paraphernalia, and people are literally dying in the streets. 

And the free rehab offered to users is, unsurprisingly, going untouched. 

The AP is reporting that only 1% of users who received small fines for dealing or possessing hard drugs have bothered to seek out Oregon’s addict-friendly rehab program. 

It turns out, rehab isn’t effective for those who don’t want to be helped. 

And according to The AP, “public opinion has soured” on the plan they overwhelmingly voted into law. 

Oops they did it again…

In an effort to distance themselves from the mess they created, Oregon Democrats are now proposing a new law to reverse some of the efforts they previously championed so passionately.

They’ve introduced a new bill – one they claim is a “compromise” – that would implement heavier fines and even potential jail time for anyone caught possessing or selling most illicit drugs.

“It’s the compromise path,” Democrat state Senator Kate Lieber claimed. “But also the best policy that we can come up with to make sure that we are continuing to keep communities safe and save lives.” 

If keeping communities safe and saving lives were their priorities, Democrats would have never sought to decriminalize hard drugs, like meth and heroin, in the first place. 

Democrats outside of Oregon, who were keen onlookers to the results of the effort, can’t help but be disappointed in the mess, as they wanted to bring similar policies to a neighborhood near you.

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