This Democrat-controlled city is cooking up one racist plan that could spell trouble for the whole nation

Photo by Andrés García from Pexels

Democrat-controlled cities and states have officially gone off the deep end.

They’re going all-in on a woke extremist agenda that will doom America to a frightening future.

And now this Democrat-controlled city is cooking up one racist plan that could spell trouble for the whole nation.

Boston starts talking about reparations

Under Democrat Mayor Michelle Wu, the city of Boston, Massachusetts is on a mission to start implementing reparations.

According to the city’s website, Wu and the “City of Boston Reparations Task Force” has announced that it has chosen two teams of “historians” to “research and document the City of Boston’s role in and historical ties to the transatlantic slave trade and the institution and legacies of slavery.”

The website claims that the research teams “will conduct both original historical research and provide a comprehensive review of major themes and findings on the City’s history from 1620 to the present.”

This new development comes after Boston released a request for proposals (RFP) from researchers who could help “study the history and legacy of slavery in Boston last September.”

A budget of $500,000 has been allocated to help with the research efforts and as a result, the research will produce a “detailed written report.”

The city says the funding comes from federal relief funds – also known as tax dollars given to the city from other states – and Boston’s annual operating budget.

Researchers and the city’s “Task Force” will present their findings at a public meeting in February, which will include an opportunity for public comment.

“I’m grateful to these teams of historians who will serve our city by documenting Boston’s role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the myriad legacies of slavery that continue to impact the daily lives of our city’s communities,” Wu said.

She continued to say that thanks to the researchers’ “scholarship and partnership” with the task force, “we will better understand the full picture of our city’s history and look forward to their comprehensive report that will build on our ongoing efforts.”

The City of Boston awarded contracts to several teams that include professors of studies in “Race, Colonialism and Diaspora” and directors of the “Study of Race and Democracy.”

Other teams include professors and directors of the “Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project,” and a managing director of the “Center for Law, Equity and Race.”

The city claims that the researchers were selected through interviews and “rigorous evaluations of both Task Force members and City staff.”

This is just the first step

The research teams assembled by Boston’s Reparations Task Force are just the first step in what could become a serious point of contention.

According to the website, the effort “marks the first significant step towards completing the work of the Reparations Task Force,” as it recommends the “next steps towards truth, reconciliation, and reparations addressing the City of Boston’s historical involvement in the slave trade and the institution and legacies of slavery.”

Next, Boston will present “thoughtful and cogent recommendations on the City of Boston’s reparations response.”

But at the end of the day, all of the woke extremist rhetoric is simply Democrats’ way of saying they’re going to take money from every other American and redistribute it to specific individuals based solely on the color of their skin.

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