This Democrat Congressional candidate’s take on inflation will drive working class Americans absolutely bonkers

Despite inflation being at 40-year highs and showing no signs of slowing down, many Democrats have attempted to pretend it doesn’t exist.

And when they have acknowledged that it exists they’ve gone to great lengths to downplay its devastating effects on the economy and Americans’ wallets.

But this Democrat Congressional candidate’s take on inflation will drive working class Americans absolutely bonkers.

Left-wing shenanigans in Western Michigan

The people of Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District have seen plenty of ridiculous political stunts in the 2022 Midterms.

Most notably, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) morally bankrupt decision to meddle in the 3rd District’s Republican Primary.

Despite Democrats’ claims about election meddling being the ultimate crime, DCCC Chairman Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) made the decision to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars donated to Democrats to support pro-Trump candidate John Gibbs in the Republican Primary.

With the newly redrawn 3rd Congressional District moving from a Republican-leaning district to a Democrat-leaning district, Rep. Maloney and Democrats felt that a candidate endorsed by Donald Trump would be easier for Democrat nominee Hillary Scholten to defeat.

The fact that Democrats didn’t believe Scholten could defeat other Republicans – in a district Democrats should win more often than not, no less – definitely led to questions about her competence.

And now, Scholten’s latest exploits have not only confirmed that she’s rather incompetent, but also that, like most Democrats, she’s extremely out-of-touch with working class Americans.

Whoever had this idea should be fired

As inflation continues to rage at 40-year highs, making it a top issue voters are most concerned about in the 2022 Midterms, President Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington, D.C. have pretended they’ve defeated inflation, even going so far as to throw a “victory party” at the White House a couple of weeks ago, complete with a James Taylor concert, to boot.

Apparently, Hillary Scholten and her campaign didn’t get that memo, though.

Instead, Scholten is running a new TV ad where she takes the issue of inflation head on, attempting to convey to working class Michiganders that she feels their pain.

But what they produced is nothing more than a major slap in the face to every working class American, who are actually feeling the pain of the sky-high inflation Democrats unleashed.

In the ad, Scholten claims that her family too is “making due with less,” as she’s shown sitting at a table with her husband and children with the air conditioning turned off and a child’s worn-out sandals repaired with duct tape nearby.

“Times are tough, and like most Michigan families, we’re making due with less and making things last longer,” Scholten claims in the ad. “With things so expensive, it’s tiring watching politicians fight each other, instead of working for us. Both sides need to give – Democrats should stop the spending, and Republicans need to focus on people, not power.”

“In Congress, I’ll focus on the issues that matter most to Michigan families, because they matter to mine too,” she concluded.

Of course, that would be a great campaign ad to connect with working class families – if even a fraction of it were based in reality, that is.

Hillary Scholten’s Big Lie

You see, Hillary Scholten is a former Obama Department of Justice attorney turned immigration lawyer for a high-powered Michigan law firm where she reportedly makes over $200,000 per year, according to a Washington Free Beacon review of her financial disclosure forms.

On top of that, her husband, Jesse Holcomb, is a professor of “journalism” and communications at Calvin University, where the median salary for such a position is over $165,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.

At the very least, Hillary Scholten and her husband combine to make roughly $300,000 per year.

Does that sound like a couple who can’t afford to turn on their air conditioning or buy their children a $10 pair of sandals that aren’t held together with duct tape?

Hillary Scholten wants the people of Michigan to believe that she can’t figure out how to get her family by on more than $300,000 per year, but that she is totally capable of making all the financial decisions for an entire nation that spends more than $7 trillion per year.

Either she’s honestly this incompetent or she’s the most pathological liar running for Congress in Western Michigan.

Spoiler alert: they’re both apparently true.

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