This country music artist sent fans into a frenzy when he shockingly announced he’s leaving it all behind

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The life of a popular musician might seem glamorous but the career comes with challenges.

That means that many fall out due to exhaustion, mental stress, or just becoming physically ill.

But this country music artist sent fans into a frenzy when he shockingly announced he’s leaving it all behind.

Granger Smith has never been “more at peace”

Country music artist Granger Smith finished his final show at the end of a farewell tour that he dedicated to his son River after a tragic drowning accident in 2019.

He finished the show with a “keepsake” photo of him and the audience that he published to his Instagram page explaining why he was leaving music.

He said that the photo represented the end of his time as a “touring musician,” adding that it was a “privilege to claim that job title for so many years.”

Smith, who rose to popularity from his hit song, Backroad Song, said that though he was leaving music “this is not retirement.”

People have widely speculated that he is struggling with personal issues after losing his son. 

According to Smith, he weathered that storm by getting closer to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the next chapter has nothing to do with the pain of losing a child.

In fact, he says that he is “more at peace” than he has ever been in his life.

“The treasure” of his life

“Let’s be clear, this is not retirement,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “That would mean I’m quitting work altogether. It’s also not because I’m burned out or unwell or sick or heartbroken or grieving. I am more at peace and more free than any other time of my life. It’s not for any of those reasons.”

He said the real reason for his change in careers is because of his conviction in the Bible.

More specifically, he said that it stems from a “parable that Jesus used in Matthew 13:44.” 


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“The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field, which a man found and covered up,” the verse reads. “Then in his joy he goes and sells all that he has and buys that field.”

He added that “knowing Jesus and telling others about Him is the treasure of my life. And I want you to know this, so you can have Him as your treasure too. I want my family to experience it and my kids to know this joy. I don’t want a career based upon building a name for myself to get in the way…”

Smith took that moment to “proclaim” the importance of Jesus over his own personal success.

Jesus gave him a “new heart” and “freed” him from “shame and guilt”

“There is not another #1 song I can write, album I can release, sold out concert I can perform, that is more important than this,” Smith emphatically wrote. “I don’t want the Granger Smith name to be famous, instead I want to proclaim the name of Christ!” 

He added that Jesus is “the one that has washed me clean, the one that has freed me from my shame and my guilt. The one that gave me a new heart. I want Him to be known! And I want to know Him more. That is the real reason I’m leaving music touring.”

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