This Cornell professor and his army of lawyers just declared war on Democrats’ woke insanity

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Every American has a Constitutionally protected right to equal opportunity but that’s not enough for woke left-wing radicals.

Now woke mandates have taken over the American workplace under the guise of diversity initiatives.

But this Cornell professor and his army of lawyers just declared war on Democrats’ woke insanity.

This Cornell Professor is sure to anger woke leftists

Americans live in a country that has been legally protecting ethnic and religious groups for nearly six decades.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would need to push for further reform at this point.

Yet woke corporations are now pushing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs.

These programs focus on expanding diversity hires, and punishing those who are not part of historically protected groups.

Most Americans have had enough of this push to ostracize others in the name of so-called “equity.”

Professor William Jacobson has been a long-time fighter of woke ideologies.

He teaches at the Cornell School of Law, and founded the Legal Insurrection Foundation and

Now, his next project is promising to restore America’s promise to treat all racial and ethnic groups equally.

This will surely anger the “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) crowd.

He argues that America is “systemically against racism”

Jacobson said that his Equal Protection Project is meant to defend white Americans against discrimination they’re experiencing under DEI programs.

He believes it is necessary to restore peace and harmony amongst the American people.

“We reject the idea that the society we live in is systemically racist and that therefore racism is the default explanation for everything that happens,” Jacobson said of his new group.

He said that people need to remember that “our system is systemically against racism…”

In an interview with The Epoch Times, Jacobson explained that racial discrimination and policies promoting ethnic division have been illegal for a long time.

He says the whole system “from the 14th Amendment to federal law, state law, local law, ordinances, [and] corporate policies” is against racism.

Now, he’s building an army to fight back against the lies of the radical left.

Seeking to stop the spread of divisive policies in public institutions

Jacobson has already amassed a team of over 100 lawyers from around the country to join his fight under the Equal Protection Project.

This project will be an important part of the Legal Insurrection Foundation that is attempting to stop the spread of divisive policies in public institutions.

He said that discrimination is taking a new form and embedding itself inside the legal structures, taking over every public institution from local schools and universities, to city, state, and federal governments. 

Professor Jacobson believes that DEI discrimination will soon be recognized as a major civil rights violation, and he would like to stop it before it gets out of control.

His battle with DEI is ultimately a battle with the neo-Marxist culture Democrats are forcing on the American people in order to divide the nation.

He wants to eliminate Democrats’ mentality that humans are born either an “oppressor” – aka all white people – or “oppressed” – aka everyone else – and free America from these woke shackles.

“What kind of society is that where you are holding people collectively guilty and collectively responsible, based merely on the color of their skin or their ancestry?” Jacobson asked rhetorically.

“It is a really regressive, pernicious ideology” in which the goal is to destroy cultural cohesion and bring about radical transformation to the country.

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