This conservative governor just found out she’s one of the most popular politicians in America

Everyone knows President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are circling the drain.

And Biden’s Vice President Kamala Harris receives even worse marks from American voters.

But one conservative Governor just found out she’s one of the most popular politicians in the entire country.

A new South Dakota State University study is taking a new look at determining the popularity of politicians.

They have released their “thermometer rating,” judging politicians on a 0-100 scale – with the higher the score, the more warmly voters think of the politician.

According to the creators of the new survey format, a score of 0 indicates the coldest feelings towards the subject, 100 the warmest feelings, with 50 representing neutrality.

And the results in The Mount Rushmore State are good news for incumbent Republican Governor Kristi Noem in her bid for re-election in the 2022 Midterms.

Gov. Noem scored the highest of any politician among South Dakota Republican voters.

She even beat out former President Donald Trump.

Noem scored a thermometer reading of 75, compared to Trump’s 73.

Senators Mike Rounds and John Thune, along with the state’s At-Large Congressman Dusty Johnson – all Republicans – all scored well with GOP voters, with scores of 63, 62, and 62, respectively.

Noem’s scores are so strong, other candidates are running on her coattails, including State Senate candidate Tim Goodwin.

“For anybody to run against her in the first place doesn’t make sense to me,” Goodwin said. “To think that they’re going to beat her is not politically being smart — especially on the Republican side. If somebody wants to run on the general [election], that’s a different deal on the Democrats’ side, which would be in November. But for somebody to run against Governor Noem in the primary — and I’ll prove that point on June 7 — that that was not a smart move.”

Former South Dakota Speaker of the House Steve Haugaard is running to unseat Noem in the GOP primary, which will be held on June 7.

As for her chances in the general election, Noem is far outpacing President Joe Biden on the thermometer meter.

Noem scored a 46, compared to Biden’s 32, a 14-point advantage.

Despite a misstep where she temporarily caved to NCAA pressure to allow biological males to compete with women in sports – Noem has governed as one of the most MAGA Governors in America.

Should Noem win the GOP primary, she’ll face Democrat State House member Jamie Smith in November.

Noem won her first race for Governor in 2018 by just 3.5-points – however, political pundits expect her to win re-election by a much larger margin following her first four years in office.

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