This concerned mother just dropped a truth bomb on these far-left radicals

Over the last several years or so, nearly every American city has been completely overwhelmed with crime. 

Whether it be theft, homicide, or sexual violence, American cities are seeing an explosion in crime as a direct result of the Left’s pro-crime stance. 

And this concerned mother just dropped a truth bomb on these far-left radicals. 

Crime is destroying America and there is no end in sight

In today’s America, crime has become so out-of-control that it is practically impossible to leave your home without being threatened by criminals or criminal activity. 

This is especially true in Democrat-controlled cities and communities, which have completely given up on enforcing the law. 

One city in particular that has seen a massive spike in crime is New York City. 

These days, New York is practically uninhabitable after the extreme far-left government that runs New York changed their criminal justice system to favor criminals. 

Just ask Yiatin Chu, who is an education activist and mother who calls New York City home. 

Just the other day, Chu tweeted that  “Pay $2.75 to be in a subway car with a loud and aggressive man threatening to hit his female partner, switch cars at next stop to be in a public toilet/ urine-odor, crowded car for the rest of my ride. This is Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams’ New York City.”

Chu received a lot of support for her tweet, with hundreds of fellow New Yorkers sharing their nightmarish experiences on the lawless New York City subway. 

But not everyone was sympathetic to this community leader.

 One such person was author and founder of the radical far-left 1619 project, Nikole Hannah-Jones. 

Hannah Jones mocked these concerns by replying to Chu’s tweet with “Yes, yes. This was absolutely unheard of on subways until two years ago.”

This infuriated Chu, who then took her concerns to Fox & Friends for the entire nation to hear. 

On Fox & Friends recently, Chu explained, “This was an experience that probably thousands of New Yorkers have every single day, and I just want to Twitter to vent about my latest ride.” 

“She was mocking my experience,” Chu added. “I don’t know if she takes the subways. I don’t know if she’s been on the subways recently, but I see thousands of New Yorkers would agree that my ride was probably very typical of the ones that they have every day.” 

“Crime has been going up in the last two years.  We know the numbers. We also know as New Yorkers that a lot of crime isn’t reported. It’s a nuisance. It’s the lawlessness. It’s just the annoyance that we come into every single day while taking our subway, commuting to work,” Chu concluded. 

Chu is completely right to be concerned about rising crime, because in New York City alone since 2020, robbery has risen by 38%, burglary has risen by 32%, and assault has gone up by 18%. 

Democrats have created this problem and now they have the nerve to mock people who have been victimized by their lawlessness. 

Now is the time for concerned residents to stand up and say enough is enough. 

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