This Catholic Bishop gave one speech that fully exposed Communist China’s infiltration of the Church, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons

It’s no secret that the Catholic Church and corporate religion in general have shifted dramatically towards woke extremism in recent years.

That may just be the tip of the iceberg though.

And now this Catholic Bishop gave one speech that fully exposed Communist China’s infiltration of the Church.

Pope Francis claims “sign from God” drove this decision

Pope Francis has established himself as one of the most controversial Pontiffs in recent history since taking power in 2013. 

But one of the most dangerous moves effectively ceded some authority to Communist China.

In 2018, the Vatican announced a new agreement that would allow Communist China to appoint Bishops in their country. 

Francis said that he received a “sign from God” that led him to the decision. 

Despite heavy criticisms from advocates for religious freedom, the agreement was renewed in 2022. 

International Christian Concern (ICC) released a statement condemning the move.

“Despite the Holy See’s attempt to normalize its operations in the authoritarian country, religious freedom has not improved for the underground Chinese Catholics in the last few years,” the ICC wrote.

The Vatican said they were “committed to continuing a respectful and constructive dialogue” with Communist China. 

Chinese-appointed Bishop condemns “European cultural superiority” 

On May 21, the Vatican celebrated the 100th anniversary of the entrance of the Catholic Church into China — officially known as the Concilium Sinense – in 1924.

The event that was organized by the Vatican was meant to look back on the history of the Catholic Church, and modern-day developments. 

Pope Francis lauded the Concilium Sinense as “an important step in the journey of the Catholic Church in the great country of China.” 

Reflecting on the relationship he said that the “Holy Spirit brought them together, made harmony grow among them, [and] led them along paths that many among them would not have imagined.”

Then, Shanghai Bishop Joseph Shen Bin took the stage for his keynote address, and the tone shifted in a big way. 

Shen Bin condemned “the strong sense of European cultural superiority” he claimed was prevalent in some missionaries to China.

The Communist Chinese Bishop said they would not “use the Christian religion to change Chinese society and culture.”

Shen Bin said that China was going through a period of “great rejuvenation” and “modernization.”

The Bishop urged the Catholic Church to “move in the same direction” as Communist China, which means they should follow the “path of Sinicization that aligns with today’s Chinese society and culture.”

Sinicization is in response to what the Chinese view as “infiltration”

Sinicization is a policy of the Communist Chinese regime under President Xi Jinping that requires religious groups to adhere to the cultural values of state-sanctioned socialism. 

The Chinese Communist Party sees religious groups as a threat being imported from western nations. 

This hardline government intervention in religion has brought up multiple church leaders that condemn western philosophies. 

In 2019, the leader of Protestant churches in China, Xu Xiaohong famously warned of “infiltration,” and said that Chinese churches must remember they “are surnamed ‘China,’ not ‘the West.’”

However, influence on the Catholic Church and the Vatican could have much farther-reaching implications.  

The structure of the Catholic Church is far more centralized and consistent across nations. 

China’s influence on the Holy See should not be ignored.

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