This Breaking Bad star potentially torpedoed his own career to publicly confess that he was wrong about one conservative

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In this era of highly polarized politics it’s sometimes helpful to remember that there are aspects of life that just aren’t political.

That’s especially true when it comes to matters of personal safety and health as far too many are having to learn the hard way.

And now this Breaking Bad star potentially torpedoed his own career to publicly confess that he was wrong about one conservative.

Actor Bob Odenkirk is best-known for playing the sleazy, ethically-compromised Saul Goodman in the classic television series Breaking Bad, and its subsequent spin-off Better Call Saul.

Like countless other actors in Hollywood, Odenkirk is a devout Democrat.

And like far too many these days, Odenkirk dismissed a basic piece of advice he was given simply because it ran counter to the left-wing programming he was subjected to.

But attempting to virtue signal his left-wing beliefs proved to be far from a wise decision.

The entire experience proved to be traumatic, and Odenkirk recounted the tale in an interview on comedian Tig Notaro’s podcast.

As it turns out, Odenkirk’s physician at the time had conservative political leanings.

“My doctor was a conservative,” Odenkirk explained. “He got crankier and crankier the older he got. When I was 50, I went in, he was a heart doctor, Cedars Sinai, and he had signs up all around his office at this point – ‘We do not accept Obamacare,’ and I f*cking hated this side of him that I only learned over time.”

Even though he had been regularly seeing the doctor for two decades, that difference of political opinion played a role in the actor’s decision to ignore his professional advice.

An admission of misjudgment and a valuable lesson learned

Odenkirk recalled that one time the doctor told him that he needed “to start taking statins right now.”

But that advice was ignored, and the actor paid the price.

“And I had a heart attack,” Odenkirk admitted. “And I think the first doctor was right, the cranky, conservative jackass was right, because he was a damn good doctor. His political point of view doesn’t have anything to do with his ability to judge your health and your health choices and needs.”

“I’ve always felt that way about art, too,” he added.

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld gave Odenkirk a good-natured ribbing over the incident during a recent episode of his show.

“So, it appears Bob’s an honest guy,” Gutfeld said. “Kudos to him. He didn’t need to say this in public, but he wanted everybody to know the tough lesson he learned. I’m sure all his showbiz friends deserted him like he was Jerry Nadler at a nudist colony – I know – think about that.”

“But America needs more of that these days,” he added. “We need to start seeing each other as human beings again. Not just pawns of two opposing political parties. Our lives are more important than some dumb agenda. And someone should tell that to those hairy heifers at “The View.” We’re people, not talking points.”

Bob Odenkirk and Greg Gutfeld are both right.

Following the reasoned and professional advice of those best positioned to give it, regardless of politics, was a valuable lesson learned, and one that many would do well to emulate.

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